Your server had a problem connecting to WPMU DEV: "HTTP Error: 403 "Forbidden"".

I'm getting this error for both and when I try to log back in to the WPMU Dashboard after updating the WPMUDEV Dashboard.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey Richard, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    What version of our Dashboard plugin is running on those two sites? From our records, I'm seeing this

    - is running version 4.0.5
    - is running version 3.5.3

    If those versions are installed, then could you please try uninstalling those versions, and try installing the latest version (4.0.8), and try logging into it again?

    Are both of these sites on the same host, or are they on different hosts? I noticed that has Cloudflare active (the other one's on GoDaddy from the looks of it).

    Also, what would be the IP Addresses of the two sites (in case something needs to be unblocked from our end)? Looks like is the one for, can you confirm that from you end?

    Please advise,

  • Rich

    IP for is
    IP for nonnapats is

    Both are on Rackspace Cloud Sites. I couldn't update anything on them so I overwrote the plugin files and tried logging out locally to see if logging back in would solve the problem but then I get that error. I'm not having the issue with several other sites hostes by Rackspace. is using Cloudflare but that shouldn't be affecting it as other sites are using Cloudflare with no problems.

  • Rich

    I'm having similar problems with (IP:, Cloudflare for DNS and hosted by Rackspace)

    I'm getting a report in the dashboard that a pluing needs to be updated and then I update the dashboard correctly but it still lists it as needing to be updated. I tested to see whether I could install a plugin from the dashboard on the site and I'm getting a Forbidden error.

    I'm having the same problem with (IP:, Cloudflare for DNS and hosted by Rackspace)

    I'm having the same problem with (IP:, no Cloudflare but hosted by Rackspace)

    There are 6 or 7 other sites that are just fine that are hosted by Rackspace and may or may not use Cloudflare but these sites appreared to be stuck in old versions of the Dashboard that I could not update and I cannot update other WPMUDev plugins on them.

  • Rich

    Thanks. Let me know when I can check again. I got an email yesterday telling me that I had sites that hadn't updated their Dashboard and I honestly had no idea that several of the sites were so far behind in their updates. I use iThemes Sync (and before that ManageWP) to report to me when plugins need to be updated and I was relying on them to tell me that plugins need to be updated. I'm glad that email alert went out but I'm a bit disturbed that I can't simply rely upon the fact that I have a valid username/password to authenticate my dashboard. There must be some security/spam reason that you implement this but it really exposes my sites to vulnerabilities if I have to always watch my back with respect to the Dashboard staying "legit".

  • Rich

    I know this puts my ticket at the bottom of the queue but I want to provide some information that Rackspace provided to aid troubleshooting. They are not blocking anything going to WPMUDev. They offer the following information to allow my sites to be added to your safelist:

    DFW3-1 outbound IP addresses ( -
    DFW3-2 outbound IP addresses ( -
    ?ORD 1-1 outbound IP addresses ( - |

  • Rich

    1. I assumed you checked the Outbound IP's, yes?
    2. In answer to your question: "When did the Dashboard work?" I don't know. I assumed that it was updating. On my dashboard there are sites that are "green" in terms of the plugins being up to date but when I try to install plugins automatically from within WP-Admin on I get an error stating that it cannot install the plugins.

    The one thing that has changed in recent months is that I switched to using iThemes Security Pro but I've disabled that plugin and I am still unable to communicate with your servers.

    I don't know how to let you in to one of my sites to see what may be going on because the Dashboard feature that grants you access is not working.

    By the way, in order to keep me from opening up a new ticket, can you please not wait over 2 days before you respond to this response?

  • Alex Stine

    Thought 1
    If you are hosted on CloudFlare, we should check first to make sure there is no incompatibility with the WPMU DEV Dashboard and Reverse Proxy's. If there is, then that could be a problem. Can any staff check the Dashboard with CloudFlare?

    Thought 2

    The one thing that has changed in recent months is that I switched to using iThemes Security Pro but I've disabled that plugin and I am still unable to communicate with your servers.

    Have you tried going through your .htaccess file to make sure IThemes Security did not leave any code behind that could be blocking access?

    Please advise.

  • Luís

    Hi @richleino,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    I would like to update this topic with some new information received by our sysadmins.

    The outboud IP's and the network was blocked. So, It should work now.

    Can you test it again and share the results with us?

    I was informed that my teammate Tim already asked you the FTP details, so, if you still having issues, send it to us, so we can make some debug and try find the issues.

    Cheers, Luís

  • Rich

    That solved it. Thanks for working this and following back up with your sysadmin.

    I was out earlier and I had seen your initial reply about checking the .htaccess and I was about to try that but then I thought: "I'll check one more time before I do that to see if I'm able to re-connect to wpmudev" and then it suddenly worked.

    I then checked all the other sites that weren't working and they were suddenly working too. I was coming over here to ask: "Hey, it looks like you changed something on your end..." and, sure enough, you found that you were blocking my IP's.

    Thanks for working this. We can finally close this ticket!

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