Your server had a problem connecting to WPMU DEV.

Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Harprit Kaur – Technical Support

21:13Harprit Kaur: Hello, Thank you for contacting GVO Support.

21:13Harprit Kaur: May I know your user name associated with GVO?

21:13Clement Banner: hi

21:13Clement Banner: seenlight

21:14Harprit Kaur: Thank you.

21:14Clement Banner: you’re welcome

21:16Harprit Kaur: Please hold on while I look into this for you.

21:16Clement Banner: ok

21:16Harprit Kaur: Please help me with your respective domain name?

21:17Clement Banner:

21:17Harprit Kaur: ok

21:17Clement Banner: this is the whole message I have been getting today

21:17Clement Banner: Your server had a problem connecting to WPMU DEV. Please try again.

If this problem continues, please contact your host and ask:

“Is php on my server properly configured to be able to contact with a GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL?”

21:18Harprit Kaur: ok

21:19Harprit Kaur: Well php curl and fsockopen are already enabled on server

21:19Harprit Kaur: Give me the exact steps to replicate connection error

21:20Clement Banner: It tried to login to the wpmu dev dashboard and got that message

21:20Clement Banner: after entering my username and password

21:21Harprit Kaur: ok

21:22Harprit Kaur: Give me the URL were you are login along with user name and password?

21:22Clement Banner: removed personal info

21:22Clement Banner: Removed personal info

21:23Clement Banner: Removed personal info

21:23Harprit Kaur: Thank you.

21:25Clement Banner: do you need anything else from me right now? I must leave but will leave the chat window open so I can see what I need to do

21:25Harprit Kaur: ERROR: Invalid username. Lost your password?.

21:25Harprit Kaur: Is their space in your user name?

21:25Clement Banner: yes

21:26Harprit Kaur: But we are getting error with this

21:26Clement Banner: there is a space

21:27Harprit Kaur: But we are getting this error :- Invalid username. Lost your password?.

21:27Clement Banner: sorry

21:27Clement Banner: Removed personal info

21:27Clement Banner: and removed personal info

21:28Clement Banner: then go to the dashboard

21:28Harprit Kaur: ok

21:28Clement Banner: wpmu dashboard

21:28Harprit Kaur: Sure

21:29Harprit Kaur: Yes we got the error

21:30Clement Banner: I know

21:44Harprit Kaur: root@gvo239240 [/usr/local/src]# curl root@gvo239240 [/usr/local/src]# May I know you have saved the API key.

21:45Clement Banner: removed API key

21:46Harprit Kaur: ok

21:47Harprit Kaur: Kindly get on this link :

21:48Harprit Kaur: and let us know how can I setup the API key

21:50Clement Banner: I should be able to fill in user name and password after clicking existing member

21:52Harprit Kaur: Well it seems your plugin is creating issue

21:52Harprit Kaur: I would request you to kindly uninstall WPMU-dev

21:52Clement Banner: ok

21:58Harprit Kaur: If it is still not working then I have to place an ticket on this issue

22:18Harprit Kaur: May I know if we are connected to carry on this conversation?

22:25Clement Banner: yes

22:26Harprit Kaur: Is it working

22:26Clement Banner: I will try support with wpmu dev I can’t login the dashboard

22:27Harprit Kaur: Sure

22:27Clement Banner: I still get this message:

22:27Clement Banner: “Is php on my server properly configured to be able to contact with a GET HTTP request via fsockopen or CURL?”

22:28Harprit Kaur: Kindly contact to the plugin provider because we checked at our end it is not the server issue at all

22:29Clement Banner: ok thanks

22:29Harprit Kaur: Your Welcome.

Post edited to remove personal passwords, usernames and API details