Your thoughts on bbPress

Just wondering what everyones thoughts are on the forthcoming bbPress plugin.

I just downloaded and had a play around, on a whole I like what I see but something that annoys me is the fact that soon we will need three different types of themes:

WordPress - Normal themes
BuddyPress - For BuddyPress Installs
bbPress - For bbPress installs.

If plugins like video plugins, SimplePress (forums) and many others can hook in with shortcodes then why can't BuddyPress and bbPress?

Themes could still be made like they are for extra site support but it would mean these plugins are compatible with just about all themes.

I wonder why there can't be two options, a dedicated theme and a shortcodes option?

Anyone else got any thoughts on this, agree or disagree?

And what does this mean for WPMUDEV themes? Will there be another branch or designs?