Your Youtube plugin is not working for me.

There is no preview of the video and the links are just static text and therefore they don't work.

  • Vaughan

    hi @mlatham

    thanks for posting.

    could you provide a few more details? the youtube plugin is 1 of the simplest plugins i know.

    how are you setting it up?

    all you need to do is input the title & channel name into the widget hit save, then hit the 'select videos to show' button which appears after you hit 'save', then select the videos you want to view. once you've selected them hit 'save selection'

    hope this helps.


  • mlatham

    It seems as though you are implying I sound pretty dumb with regards to this issue. I can follow simple directions and I have done everything you stated in your response. Why would I not do that before contacting you? I am simply stating to you that the plugin creates STATIC titles in the sidebar which is useless and pointless to have. I know about the Show Channel Link option, which is still not at all a difficult thing to do even without the plugin. Can you simply explain to me whether or not this plugin is supposed to do something more than just place static titles of YouTube videos in my sidebar? If that is all that it does then I consider it useless for my needs and will simply remove it! It's not that difficult to do either. I mean since I am too dumb to understand how the easiest plugin you know actually works! Pffft.

  • Vaughan


    i wasn't implying anything. if you felt that I was, then you have my sincerest apologies.

    But yes, all the plugin does is display the videos that are selected in the widget settings. nothing more.

    you just didn't give me a lot of details to work with. You would be surprised how many people misinterpret instructions in plugins. and even experienced users can overlook things every now & then.

    hope this helps. & sorry again for the confusion.

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