YouTube Featured Video Spanish Translation by ElPino for wpmudev

Hi WPMUDEV members,

Greetings guys!! here the Spanish translation file for the newly just released youtube featured video plugin, I’ve been working on translating most of WPMU plugins to Spanish my native language, this is my third one to add to the community, a gift to WPMU community, only available via the forum, i have install it and tested it in three sites, this is in Latino American neutral Spanish hope you like it, enjoy :wink:

P.S. if you find any errors, please report via here so i can update and re-up it


Step 1: Download the Spanish translated files from this link this for YouTube Featured Video

Step 2: via ftp (if your WordPress is in Spanish skip this step), go to your WordPress installation and edit wp-config.php file, search for the line (‘WPLANG’, ”:wink: and replace it with (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_ES’:wink:

Step 3: go to folder wp-content/plugins/youtube-videos-widget/languages and here you want to either delete the original English file or rename it to BAKUPytvw.po

Step 4: upload the files provided on the zip file ytvw-es_ES.po and, that’s it you are done.



Note: this steps are asume you have WordPress install and the mention plugin.