Youtube Videos in Pay per view

I would like to have Youtube videos be included in my pay per view content. How is this done so that the videos cannot be viewed in youtube? Do you mark them as private or??

Then do you just embed them as normal on a page inside of the short codes that require payment before viewing?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @erin,

    You should be able to embed them inside of the shortcodes. However, You can't do this if they are marked as private. The pay per view plugin has no interface or connection to youtubes API at all, so there's no way for it to determine the authentication in order to fetch private files, What you can do is make the video unlisted in youtube, this stops people viewing it on youtube unless they know the exact URL of the video.

    Some plugins may help though.

    Here's a video tutorial related to flowplayer.

    Another option would be to upload the video's to your own server in flv or mp4 format, then use an flv player or player than supports mp4 to view them, however, you'll need plenty of space to upload them on your server.

    Hope this helps

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