zend_mm_heap corrupted


our Apache has restarted several times. Before every restart wrote Apache: “zend_mm_heap corrupted”.

The PHP engine wrote a few such errors:

WordPress database error Column ‘ID’ in field list is ambiguous for query SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT ID) FROM wp_1_posts INNER JOIN wp_1_term_relationships ON (wp_1_posts.ID = wp_1_term_relationships.object_id) INNER JOIN wp_1_term_taxonomy ON (wp_1_term_relationships.term_taxonomy_id = wp_1_term_taxonomy.term_taxonomy_id) JOIN wp_1_icl_translations t ON wp_1_posts.ID = t.element_id AND t.element_type=’post’ JOIN wp_1_icl_languages l ON t.language_code=l.code AND l.active=1 WHERE 1=1 AND wp_1_term_taxonomy.taxonomy = ‘category’ AND wp_1_term_taxonomy.term_id IN (‘7′, ’38’, ‘1332’:wink: AND wp_1_posts.post_type = ‘post’ AND (wp_1_posts.post_status = ‘publish’:wink: AND t.language_code=’de’ made by require, require_once, include, include, custom_wp_pagenavi

This problem was already addressed in an separate issue. Shortly: this is a WPMU Problem, the ID in SELECT was not full qualified with table name. The WPML table icl_translation has also a column named ID, therefore ist the query no more coorect.

After such errors we found many of such entries in PHP error log:

PHP Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 3407872) (tried to allocate 393216 bytes) in C:xampphtdocswp-includesformatting.php on line 617

Our guess: WPMU uses the COUNT(DISTINCT ID) for calculating for an array length. Perhaps there is no correct check for it an therefore will caused an overflow, or so…

Please check it.

Thanks a lot in advance,