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A-la-carte or All-inclusive?

One of the taglines on the GoDaddy website is that they 'have a plan for everything.' This sums up our research pretty well. There's so much you can do on GoDaddy, but the cost of many features and services can really add up. In contrast, WPMU DEV is 'Everything WordPress' (and only WordPress) with simple members-only pricing. Read on to find out more...

As of October 2019

The locations of datacenters where you can host your site.

US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, India, Singapore
US and Canada
(for WordPress Pro service)

Dedicated Server Resources
When memory, CPUs, and storage space is allocated to each individual site.

Additional cost

Dedicated IP Address
Each site is assigned its own IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Additional cost

Custom SSL Certificates
The option to upload your own SSL certs instead of one provided by a free certificate authority.

Not all plans

WordPress Multisite Support
The option to host WordPress Multisite networks.

Not all plans

Hacked Site Cleanup
If your site is compromised or broken due to a hack, experts will help restore and clean it up.

Not all plans

SSH Access
The ability to add and manage SSH users to access the site for development.

Not all plans

Uptime Guarantee
The percentage of uptime promised in a given month. If this is not met, credit is given back to customers.

Monthly Cost
For comparison, this is the expected cost of 3 average small-business sites when paid monthly (in USD).


Starting With Site Migrations

If you are looking to move an existing site, both GoDaddy and WPMU DEV provide automated migrations. Because automated tools do not always work, WPMU DEV provides unlimited manual site migrations as needed from a migration specialist – usually within one day. GoDaddy charges an additional fee (costs will vary) and takes between 7 and 10 days.

Speed & Reliability

With GoDaddy, unless you pay a premium, your sites will be in a shared environment. On WPMU DEV, each site has its own dedicated memory, CPUs, SSD storage space, and IP address. This is how we honor a 99.95% uptime guarantee, compared with the 99.9% for GoDaddy. Check reported outages for GoDaddy here, and WPMU DEV’s Status site here.

The Hub vs ManageWP
(GoDaddy Pro)

Both WPMU DEV and GoDaddy offer site management tools to automate updates, backups, monitor performance and send branded client and developer reports from one dashboard. Since ManageWP was acquired by GoDaddy, many of its premium features are included for sites hosted with GoDaddy. Additional sites cost extra. WPMU DEV members get The Hub free for unlimited sites – even sites hosted elsewhere.

Supporting Everything WordPress

With GoDaddy, you get 24/7 support via chat and phone. The big difference with the support offered between the two is that support at WPMU DEV is ‘everything WordPress’, while with GoDaddy, you have to pay for additional support credits for this. We’ll help you out with themes and plugins that aren’t ours or any other problem you may have.

Security & Hack Cleanup

GoDaddy and WPMU DEV both take web security seriously and offer regular malware scans, automated backups, and SSL certificates for all plans. But what happens in the event that your site is hacked? WPMU DEV will restore your site, run security scans, patch the vulnerability and set up additional security measures to ensure it does not happen again…no additional cost. GoDaddy Hack cleanup starts at $299 USD per year.

Which Is Right For You?

As you can see, both offer a wide variety of tools for meeting your unique hosting needs. GoDaddy can be a solid choice, especially with the convenience of domain registration and more all in one place. However, the business models are significantly different with many GoDaddy features at a high premium and up-charge when compared to WPMU DEV’s all-inclusive plans.