Introducing, The WPMU DEV Hub...

Manage, update, monitor, scan, backup and improve all your WordPress sites, in one place.

Welcome to the Hub

Streamline Site Management With The Hub

All of your WordPress needs, in one place

The Hub makes managing every aspect of multiple WordPress sites incredibly easy.

Plus you can get 24/7 expert support, join our private members only community and even earn a lifetime free membership!

Manage all your sites in one place
Update every plugin and theme with one click

Update every plugin and theme with one click

Just hit 'update everything' and BANG, all of your sites will be good.

We've got your back(ups)

As a WPMU DEV member you get 10GB secure managed backup storage. So fear not! If anything goes wrong, your site is safe and sound.

Manage all your backups in one easy place
Security scanning and auditing all in one place

Security scanning and auditing all in one place

Regularly scan all your sites for hacks, blacklists and keep track of what the hackers (and your users) are up to with auditing... right from The Hub.

Performance scanning and improvements

Scan your sites performance and apply improvements. Plus, track how well your sites do over time.

Performance scanning and improvements
Monitor uptime and performance

Monitor uptime and performance

Nobody wants their site to go down, and everybody wants their site to fly...

The Hub will monitor your site every minute to make sure it's up and graph your site speed so you can make sure everything is running super smooth.

Get support 24/7 straight from The Hub

Get timely support for any WordPress issue and even grant temporary access for our developers to jump in and fix up your site.

Get Support 24/7 straight from the hub
Join the members only WPMU DEV Community

Join the members–only WPMU DEV community

Get tips, feedback and share ideas with the private WPMU DEV community – it's like a home away from home.