WordPress Multisite - Budget: N/A Created: 12 Days 1 hours ago Due: Dec 22, 2018

Custom Coding to Prosites or Memberpress

Hi guys, well… the idea from the start is very simple… i need to sell “pages” or “sites” with a limit or post. Like 1 costumer can have they own site with 1 pages or 3 pages. por that i can just create packages in prosites and all done.

The problem is… if the costumer pays for a package including 3 post, and them need another extra post he needs to upgrade to the next “pack” and the anual membership of these new post is diferent of the first 3. And i need to create 100 packages or 1000 packages if a cliente needs 100 post or 1000 post…

What i need is simplify that, have the option to the create for example 3 packages with 1 25 or 100 posts for a price…

But if the packages 1, 25 or 100 needs 1 more or 100 more or 1000 more posts (not packages posts) he can put the ammount of post needed and the system charge like 10 euros per post x 45 post for example 450 euros and all done…

i also have 1 feature how i wan to implement, but i want the cost separatly to see if i have the money now or i can do that later when i recover the first invest is:

1 if the client buy a 25 packages the membership charge is the same using 10 post or 25… but if he says he need 10 more post and he use just 1 in december 26 and 2 more post in January 21… the first one membership renews the next december 26 and the second one in January 21. With a counter in some part of the expiration date of every post or page…


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