Themes & Design - Budget: $500 - $2000 Created: 4 Days 15 hours ago Due: Feb 1, 2018

Looking for Redesign of Existing ECommerce Site for Telecommunications – Including Composite Product Pages

We have an existing site that was put together in a rush and requires considered redesign.

We are looking for a designer with experience in ecommerce and a firm understanding on how to design order flow for customers.

3 Key Points in the Redesign:

1 – Usability is key, we are more focussed on customers being able to find the information that they require and being able to order than on the beauty of the site

2 – There is a lot of information that needs to be presented for each of the main items, being able to get to all the information without being overwhelmed is important.

3 – There needs to be a balance of sales and upsell with information and why buy from us messages.

What is Required (Designs to be delivered as graphic/PSD):

1 -Design for Homepage –
—This includes resign of headers/footers – Logo is only thing to remain unchanged.

2 -Design for Product Pages
—This needs to work for Composite/Bookable/Bundle/Variable/Simple
— Composite – For featured/key products there are airtime selections to be made eg

These lists can be long, ideally looking for an intuitive redesign of the composite selectors for making the choice eg

Would also prefer that after redesign the selectors are not hidden behind modals.

— Bookable – rental phones
Needs to be clear to the customer how that they need to book start and end dates as well as making additional selections but also to have additional information visible.

—From these pages there needs to be very obvious tabs with more detailed information for the plans for the equipment and other important information such as coverage.

3 – Design for splash pages, these are a mix for information and sales, they can be long so easy navigation between areas is key

Budget is flexible but requires discussion of ideas.

Skill Required: , , , , ,
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