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Live Chat - House Rules

We look forward to helping all of our members in live chat, however, we can only help so many people at one time, and so it’s important that all participants adhere to the following house rules.

  • Participants should be polite, friendly. Abusive and/or insulting behaviour is seen as a  form of bullying and is antisocial, this will not be tolerated.
  • Participants should respond to questions themselves when required at all times.
  • Participants should be clear and concise with their questions. This will enable us to offer the best support possible.
  • Participants should not engage in ‘annoying’ behaviour, for example asking the same question again and again, asking random or irrelevant questions.
  • Participants should not look to get work from either Incsub or other participants in any chat. You can instead post on our job board –
  • Participants should select the appropriate chat, for example if you have a theme/design question then you’d would use one of the Themes and Design sessions. If it’s more general, then enter one the General WordPress and BuddyPress sessions.
  • Questions should be reasonable and able to be answered in a reasonable time and manner

Good: ‘Which WPMU DEV plugins could I use to monetize this blog http://myblog.tld”
Bad: “How do I set up a profitable web business”

Good: “How do I configure the membership plugin to drip feed content over a period of weeks?”
Bad: “How do I configure the membership plugin to be exactly the same as the NY Times website?”

Good: “What CSS will right align the log on my site http://myblog.tld?”
Bad: “How can I code up my whole theme to look like the BBC News website?”

Some questions are much better suited to our community support area, especially the more complex ones. –

Failure to comply with these rules will mean that participants are, in the first case, warned and then if that warning is not heeded, permanently banned from live chats. In some circumstances we may just ban without warning where your actions warrant this.

This may be done at any time, by any staff member, at our discretion, on a permanent basis and will not be reviewed.

This is, in our opinion, for the good of the members and our dedicated staff.