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About BuddyPress Themes

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The two main points to consider when using BuddyPress themes on a WordPress MU install are:

  1. BuddyPress themes should only be used on the blog running the BuddyPress plugin (which is normally the main blog)
  2. Only enable BuddyPress themes for the blog running the BuddyPress theme (follow instructions here!) — don’t provide access to these themes sitewide

NOTE: All other blogs on your site should be using themes suitable for WordPress MU.

The main blog on your site is the only one that uses a BuddyPress theme because it’s required to support all the different BuddyPress social pages.

Your members socially interact with each other via the social features (using the BuddyPresss theme) on your main blog.

The BuddyPress Theme

Your BuddyPress theme is where you build the community for your network.

It provides the pages that support the different BuddyPress social features including members profiles, blog lists, friends lists, private messaging, activity streams, groups, group forums, and more.

This is where you transform your network for your niche area into a thriving community by adding widgets, enabling/disabling social features and customizing your BuddyPress theme!

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