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Activating your new BuddyPress theme

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BuddyPress themes are generally only used on the blog that is running BuddyPress  plugin (this is normally the main blog on a WordPress MU site).

Your new BuddyPress theme is activated as follows:

1. Login to your dashboard

2.  Go to Appearance > Themes

3.  Click on Activate below your new BuddyPress theme to activate the theme

4. Your theme should now be activated and you should see it when you visit your blog

Using a child theme

  • We also provide child themes with all of our BuddyPress themes which enable you to customise your own files without having those changes overwritten when we update a theme.
  • To find out more about parent and children themes please visit our guide to parent and child themes.
  • If you are using a child theme you need not activate the parent just activate the child theme.
  • Remember to check each new version of the theme for any changes in your child theme that may have been done in the parent.
  • Also when you update a theme just do not update the child only update the parent and all your changes will be kept.

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