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Enabling your BuddyPress theme for your main blog only

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When using WordPress MU you would normally only make the BuddyPress themes available for your main blog as it is the only blog that is running BuddyPresss.

***Ignore this page if you are running BuddyPress on a single install of WordPress.

Please note:

  • All WPMU DEV BuddyPress themes are designed so they also works fine on WordPress MU and WP single installation that aren’t running BuddyPress.
  • The reason why we include instructions to enable the BuddyPress theme on your main blog only is because BuddyPress themes from other companies aren’t all designed to work in this manner and can cause problems on blogs that aren’t running BuddyPress.

To enable a BuddyPress theme for your main blog only you need to:

1.  Go to Site Admin > Blogs

2.  Locate your the main blog (or whatever blog you have installed BuddyPress on) and bring up action menu by hovering your mouse over the domain name.

3.  Click on the action link Edit below the domain name.

4.  Select the BuddyPress child theme for the theme you uploaded and click Update Options.

  • When using themes that have a child theme you only activate the child and not the parent.
  • For example, with BuddyPress Daily theme you only activate

5.  This enables the BuddyPress theme making it available for selection on your Manage Themes page (Appearance > Themes)

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