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Activating and deactivating regular plugins

To Activate a Plugin on a Site

1.  Go to Plugins in your Dashboard

2.  Click on Activate below the desired plugin

3.  Some of the plugins provide an administration screen where you can set options specific for that plugin.

—-Most are located in the Settings menu however they can be located under a range of menu items.  For example, Askimet is located in the Plugins menu.  Here’s how to configure and use Akismet.

4.  Some plugins also add widgets to your available widget area which you access via Appearance > Widgets

5.  To switch off a plugin click Deactivate

As a Super admin user you have two options for activating regular plugins:

1. Activate Plugin Network Wide

–– activates the plugin network wide i.e. plugin is automatically activated on all sites across the network and users can’t deactivate it

2. Activate Plugin Per Site Basis

–– allows users to decide which plugins they want to use on their site i.e. users can choose which plugins they want to activate/deactivate

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