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Changing Themes on a Per Site Basis

Any theme that has not been activated for the entire network can be activated on a site as follows:

1. Locate the site you want to enable specific themes for by searching for the site using Sites in the Network Admin dashboard

2. Once you have located the site click on Edit (hovering your mouse over the domain name brings up the action menu)

3.  Click on the Theme tab on the Edit Site page

4.    Select the themes you want to make available to this site by either:

  • Clicking on ‘Enable’ below the theme name
  • Selecting all themes you want to enable for the site, then select Enable from the Bulk Actions drop down menu and click Apply.

Only themes that haven’t been enabled across the entire network are shown on this page in the Network Admin Dashboard.  Once enabled the themes will be made available for use by site admin users and be listed in Appearance > Themes in the Site Admin dashboard for that site.

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