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Enabling Themes Network Wide in WordPress Multisite

To change which themes are available network wide:

1. Click on Themes > Installed Themes in the Network Admin dashboard area.

Themes dash

2.  Select the themes you want to make available to all sites.

This can be one two different ways:

  • Activating them individually by selecting “Network Activate” under each Theme title you wish to activate.
  • Activating more them all at once using the check boxes and bulk actions drop down menu.


 1. Select themes. 2. Choose action. 3. Apply bulk action.
<br />1. Select themes.<br />2. Choose action.<br />3. Apply bulk action.


1. Select Themes by clicking each check box for each theme you wish to activate.

  • This is useful if you have a lot of themes available over the span of your network and want to save time.

2. Choose the Action by clicking on the drop down menu, and then selecting which action you would like to apply to the selected items.

  • Network Activate will make the item available across your whole multisite network.
  • Network Deactivate will make the item unavailable across your whole multisite network.
  • Update will automatically update the item to the newest version if an update is available.

3. After selecting your items and bulk action, you must then click the “Apply” button to ensure your selected changes are finalized.

Once enabled, the themes will be made available for use by site admin users and be listed in Appearance > Themes in the Site Admin dashboard.