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User Manuals

Learn how to use WordPress – and take advantage of its advanced features.

  • Setup, Usage & Integration

Creating New Sites in The WordPress Network Admin

Sites > Add New in the Network Admin dashboard is used by the Super Admin user to create new sites for your users and yourself.

Tips when creating sites

  1. Use only lowercase letters and numbers in the site address
  2. Don’t have any spaces in the site address
  3. Users are sent an activation email when their site is set up using the sign-up page — they need to click on the link in the activation email for their site to be created
  4. Sites are immediately created when you use Sites > Add New in the Network Admin dashboard — users don’t need to click on the link in the activation email for their site to be created
  5. Spam filters, especially strict ones for institutional email addresses, may well block username and login information from reaching users. In this case you should recommend users use free webmail accounts that won’t block the emails (such as gmail.com, hotmail.com or mail.yahoo.com)
  6. Until a site is activated you won’t be able to locate it within Sites in the Network Admin dashboard. Users have 48 hours to click on link in activation email to activate their site
  7. You can’t create several usernames with the same email address because each username needs its own unique email address. But you can trick it using the gmail+ method.
  8. If your users do not have email addresses you can use the Gmail method. However, creating lots of users using one Gmail account isn’t recommended because the Super Admin user will need to do all password resets
  9. Use extreme caution when deleting sites as a super admin user.  Deleting a site as a super admin permanently deletes the site.  Best practice is to deactivate, archive or spam a site unless you need to re-create the site due to an issue when the site was originally created.

Using Sites > Add New to Create New sites

1. Go to Sites > Add New in the Network Admin dashboard.

sites add new

2.  Add the Site Address, Site Title and Admin Email Address then click Add Site

In this example the site address (site URL) would be created as http://wpsingle.net/learning

  • Site Addresses (i.e. site URLs) can’t be changed once created.
  • Site Titles can be changed at any time in Settings > General in the site admin dashboard.
  • If a user hasn’t already been created a username will be created using the site address. In this example the username would be learning.
  • If there is already a username attached to that email address the site will be attached to the existing username.
  • The username can be changed to the nickname by the user at any time by logging into their account and going to Users > Your Profile
  • The user is sent an email with their login details when their new site is created.
  • If the site created attached to an existing username the login email sent to the user will say N/A for password because they already have a password.

site add new

Batch site creation options

Creating sites using Sites > Add New only allows you to create one site at a time.

You can create sites in batches by installing the following WPMU DEV plugins:

  1. Blog and User creator plugin
  2. Batch Create plugin