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Learn how to use WordPress – and take advantage of its advanced features.

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Creating WordPress usernames using your sign up page

There are situations when people want usernames created without having their own site such as:

  1. You want other people to write posts on your site
  2. Your site is private and is only visible to logged in registered users.
  3. Comment settings in Settings > Discussion is set to ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’

There are three main options for creating usernames on a WordPress Multisite install:

1. Enable users to create their own username using your signup page e.g. http://example.com/wp-signup.php
2. Enable users to create and add usernames using Users > Add New in the Site Admin dashboard
3. Create and add usernames as a super admin user using Users > Add New in the Network Admin dashboard

You can also batch create usernames by installing the following WPMU DEV plugins:

  1. Add New Users plugin 
  2. Batch Create plugin
  3. Blog & User Creator plugin

Letting People Register

Enabling registrations so people can sign up for a username and/or site using your signup page is as simple as:

1.  Go to Settings > Network Settings in the Network Admin dashboard.

Network settings

2.  Select ‘Both sites and user accounts can be registered’ or ‘ User accounts may be registered.’

  • Use “Logged in users may register new sites”if you want to limit site creation to only logged in users using your signup page
  • We recommend that you consider using the following options to reduce splog creations on your network:
    • Use Limited Email Registrations to restrict who can signup to specific email domains
    • Install Anti-splog plugin

Reg settings

3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page


Adding a link to your Signup page on your main site

You need to create a link to your signup page from the front page of your main site so people know where they can register for a username on your network by either:

  1. Using a theme that includes an option to add a link to your signup page
  2. Adding a link to your signup page
  3. Using an admin bar that includes a link to sign up for a site

By default, your signup page is located at http://example.com/wp-signup.php

Now anyone can sign up as follows using your Sign up page:

1. Click on Sign up link

2. This takes you to the sign up page where you sign up for a username only or username and site (depending on which registration setting has been enabled).

The signup page on a WordPress Multisite install it is located at http://example.com/wp-signup.php whereas on a BuddyPress install it is located at http://example.com/register

Signing up for a username only