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Upload Media Buttons

Image of media buttonsBy default WPMU, displays just the upload media button at the top of the Write Post/Page area which can be confusing to new users.

Displaying the upload images, videos and audio buttons can make it easier for them.

Image of upload media

Blog upload space

This is the total blog storage space that can be used by files stored in the media library. The default of 10 MB can be quickly depleted by users if they upload lots of video, audio and image files.

Upload File Types

By default, file types allowed on WPMU are jpg jpeg png gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid pdf.

File Types allowed on standard Edublogs blogs are jpg jpeg png gif doc pdf mp3 ppt wmv mp4 xls ins isf te xbk notebook m4a ist kmz kes mov flp avi swf wxr xml wav fjsw docx pptx xlsx xml m4v max kmz zip

Max upload file size

This is the maximum size of a file that can be uploaded to a blog. Default setting is 1500 KB. While this would be adequate for uploading images it isn’t for video and audio files.

Max upload file size of 20 MB is better suited for larger file sizes.

Admin Notice Feed

Admin Notices display an abstract of the latest post, using the feed from a blog, on the dashboard of all blogs on your site. You probably wouldn’t use this feature with the Admin Messages and/or Admin ads plugin because these are also displayed in the similar location.

Iamge of admin notice

Site Admins

Image of site adminBy default, your site admin user has the username admin however you can assign Site Admin access to other users by adding their username to the Site Admin field.

Be careful who you add as site admin users since they have control of your entire site including:

  1. Manage the access and level of responsibility of all users
  2. Manage blog features including access to plugins, themes and blog privacy settings
  3. Batch create new users and new blogs
  4. Edit posts, pages, comments on any blog
  5. Reset passwords

Plugins Menu

WPMU default setting for plugins is disabled. If you want users to be able to access regular plugins you first need to enable them site wide.

Image of plugins

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