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User Manuals

Learn how to use WordPress – and take advantage of its advanced features.

  • Setup, Usage & Integration

Organizing A Domain Name and Web Hosting

The first thing you need to organize before you can install WordPress MU is to purchase a domain name and organize a web hosting services. The easiest option is to purchase both from the same company. For example, Psek specializes in hosting WPMU, sells domain names and provides excellent support.

Choosing Your Domain Name

Your domain name is the key to your website. It represents your business brand and is important part of your online identity. Be patient and take the time to choose well.

Here are some tips for choosing domain names:

  • Choose a domain name that reflects your business or site.
  • Make sure your domain name is unique – you don’t want people confusing your site with another site.
  • While a domain name might make sense to you it mightn’t to others. Take the time to discuss with others to ensure it’s easy to remember and they can relate to why you choose the name.
  • Where possible make the domain name the same as your site name. A URL that is the same as the site name is much easier for people to remember and find easily.
  • Keep in mind people need to be able to remember and easily type your URL into their browser – where possible try to keep your domain name short but meaningful.
  • Avoid using hyphens and numbers since they make domain names harder to say and remember.
  • Avoid the plural form of a domain name because it is too easy for people to miss typing the ‘s’
  • There are many different extensions available like “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.info”. Originally “.com” was for commercial business sites, “.org” for organizations and “.net” for networks. However nowadays it can be hard to obtain “.com” names. Make sure that you promote your business or website with the full domain name if you get a domain name with an extension other than “.com” because people often assume a “.com” extension
  • It is a good idea to register several similar domain names and redirect the alternatives to your domain name. For example, same name but different extensions such as edutags.org, edutags.net. If your business ends up with high traffic you want to ensure you get benefit for this traffic when people misspell your URL.