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Setting up your Support Email Account in cPanel

When your users register for a site /username all welcome emails are sent from the email address specified in the Network Admin email area of Settings in the Network Admin Dashboard.

As part of your business brand and online identity it’s best for this email to be sent from your domain name e.g. support.edutags.net. You could also use this same email address for dealing with your users’ support and sales inquiries.

To enable this you will first need to set up your email accounts associated with your domain.  While you can manage your email account through cPanel it is easier to configure your email to work with a mail client such as Gmail or Google Apps

Creating your email account using cPanel

1. Log into cPanel using the account details supplied by your hosting company.

The appearance of cPanel does vary slightly depending on what theme your hosting company uses.

2. Scroll down to the Mail section of cPanel and click on Email Accounts.

Click on Email account

3. Create a new email account by adding the email address and password then click Create Account.

Create your email account

Configuring your email account to work with Gmail

1. Log into your Gmail account.

2.  Go to Settings > Accounts and Imports > Add a POP3 mail account you own.

Click on add POP3 mail account
3. Enter the email address of your account and click Next Step.

Add your email address

6. Enter your username, password, select your preferred options and click Add Account.

You add the password you used for your email account in cPanel

Add your email details

7. Now set up your Gmail account so you can send emails from your support email account by clicking Next Step

Click on Next Step

8.  Select Send through Gmail and click Next Step.

Select send through Gmail
9. Click Send Verification to verify that you own this email address.

Click on Send verification

10. A verification email will be sent to your Gmail account. Just click on the link to confirm the request or enter your confirmation code.

Once done you will now automatically receive all emails from your domain’s email account and be able to send emails using this email address through Gmail.