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Managing WordPress users in the network admin dashboard

Users in the Network Admin dashboard is used by the Super Admin user to manage existing users.

Locate the User by either:

1. Go to Users > All Users in the Network Admin dashboard.

network all users

2. Locate the user by either scrolling through the list of users or searching for the username using “Search users”.

network users 2
You have a range of options once the required user is located:


network users edit

When you click on the Edit action link it takes you to the Edit User panel for that user where you can view and edit the users details.

You use the Edit User page to edit features like:

  1. Enabling and disabling the Admin Bar
  2. Change the display name of a user
  3. Grant a user super admin privileges for the Network
  4. Change the email address attached to a username
  5. Manually reset the password of a user

Below are the main areas on the Edit user page you use as a super admin user:

Grant this user super admin privileges for the Network

Used to grant a user super admin privileges on your network. Remember to use caution when deciding who to grant super admin privileges to as mistakes made by a Super Admin user can have a significant impact on your network.


Change Display name

The display name is displayed on all posts and comments a user publishes if they have set a display name.  For example, my username is suewaters and my display name is Sue Waters.  When I log into my account I log in as suewaters and the name Sue Waters is displayed on any posts or comment I publish.

It is easier to set up a display name than to change a username.

Name info

Change email address attached to the username

The email address associated with a username is used for password resets and for comment notification emails.  Comment moderation emails are sent to the blog admin address listed in Settings > General.

Contact info

Reset Password

You use this to reset a user’s password.



users delete

Deletes the username entirely.

Use with caution because once a username is deleted it can’t be recovered.

Mark as Spam

Spam User

Used when you find a spam user but aren’t completely sure they are a spammer spam so you mark it as spam.

You can mark it as “not spam” if it turns out to be legit.

When you spam a username it spams all sites attached to that username.