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Learn how to use WordPress – and take advantage of its advanced features.

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Managing WordPress users in the site admin dashboard

The Users menu in the Site Admin dashboard allows you to add, change, or delete your site’s users.

You can also search for users, make bulk changes and delete selected users.

site admin all users

You have a range of options once the required user is located:


network users edit

When you click on the Edit action link it takes you to the Edit User panel for that user where you can view and edit the user’s details.

The Edit action link is only visible to the Super Admin user.

You use the Edit User panel to:

  1. Change the display name of a user
  2. Change the email address attached to a userneme
  3. Manually reset the password of a user

Below are the main areas on the Edit user page you use as a super admin user:

Change Display name

The display name is displayed on all posts and comments a user publishes if they have set a display name.  For example, my username is suewaters and my display name is Sue Waters.  When I log into my account I log in as suewaters and the name Sue Waters is displayed on any posts or comment I publish.

It is easier to set up a display name than to change a username.

Name info

Change email address attached to the username

The email address associated with a username is used for password resets and for comment notification emails.  Comment moderation emails are sent to the blog admin address listed in Settings > General.

Contact info

Reset Password

You use this to reset a user’s password.



Users remove

When you click on the Remove action link it takes you to the Remove User from Site panel where you can confirm removal of a user from that site.

This only removes them from the site and doesn’t delete their username or allow you to create a new username attached to their email address.

Change Roles to

users Change role


The Change Role to drop down menu lets you change the roles of a user.

The five roles a user can be assigned in decreasing level of responsibility are:

  1. Administrator – can do everything including complete power over posts, pages, plugins, comments, choice of themes, imports, settings, assign user roles and are even able to delete the blog.
  2. Editor – is able to publish posts/pages, manage posts/pages, upload files, moderate comments as well as manage other people’s posts/pages.
  3. Author – can upload files plus write and publish own posts.
  4. Contributor – can write own posts but can’t publish them; instead they are submitted for review.  An administrator or editor then reviews and publishes their posts.
  5. Subscriber – can read comments and write comments.

The other roles are for bbPress forum permissions.

The Administrator has the highest access of the site users and is able to use all enabled site features, while a subscriber has the lowest, only able to read and write comments.

You need to consider carefully what role you assign all users because on group sites Administrators are able to remove other users, including other administrators, and editors can delete content.

Summary of user roles based on their Capability:

Summary of differences between users based on access to dashboard menus:

User roles