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WPMU DEV Plugins Separated into Categories to Help Make Selecting Your Next Plugin Easier

Here’s a list of WPMU DEV plugins broken into categories… and we’re adding new ones regularly!

1. Alerts

Admin Message; Admin Panel Tips

2. Branding

Login Image & Rebranding WPMU; Remove Browse Happy
Site wide Text Change; Admin Footer Text

3. BuddyPress specific plugins

BuddyPress Group Email; BuddyPress Group Calendar
BuddyPress Hide Widgets; Ning to BuddyPress User Importer

4. Email applications

MailChimp Newsletter Integration, Mass Mailer; Automatic Follow up emails

5. For users

Add New Users; Appointments+, Advance Theme Switcher
Blog & User Creator; Domain Mapping; Footer Content;
Invite; Remember me checked!
Avatars; Login Redirect; Logout Redirect
Remove Email Verification from Signup
WordPress Chat Plugin; Multidomains; Contact Widget
Rebranded Meta Widget; Subscribe by Email
Easy Blogging; Easy Blogging Tooltips; Easy Blogging Wizard
Advanced Theme SwitcherUltimate Translate

6. For Super admin users

Batch Create, First Comment, Global Footer Content
Lock Post, Select All Blogs; Tag Feed; Ultimate Translate; Update Services
Google Analytics for WordPress MU – Sitewide AND single blog solution!
Admin Footer Replacement, Blog Types, Blogs Widget
Autoblog; Comment Form Text;
Custom Content Dashboard Widget; Dashboard Feeds; Dashboard Widget Order
Default theme; Site Generator Replacement
Site Wide Text Change; Support System; Tag Posts
Comment Spam Pack; Random Theme on Signup
New Blog Templates; Ning to BuddyPress User Importer
The WordPress Popup Plugin; Update Notifications

7. Making money

Supporter, Ad Widget, Admin Ads
Simple Ads; WordPress MU Affiliate
Ad Sharing, Pay To Blog; Supporter Advertising
Upgrades; Upgrades Advertising; Who Sees Ads for WPMU
Membership, MarketPress; WordPress Directory
CustomPress; Affliate / Membership plugin integration
WordPress Classifieds;
WordPress Membership; Membership Plugin – Audio shortcode
Membership Plugin – Contact Form 7 shortcode; Membership Plugin – Gravity forms shortcode
MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce;

8. Monitor Network activity

User Activity; Blog Activity;
Content Monitor; Reports
Moderation; Anti-splog

9. Needed for other plugins

Comment Indexer; Post Indexer

10. Posts & Comments

Recent Global Comments Widget, Recent Global Posts Widget; Recent comments
Recent Global Author Comments Feed, Recent Global Author Posts Feed;
Recent Global Comments Feed; Recent Global Posts Feed; Recent Posts
Ultimate Translate

11. Privacy

Site Wide Privacy options for WordPress MU

12. SEO

bbPress Sitemaps
Sitemaps and SEO – WordPress MU Style

13. Signup page

Remove Email Verification; Sign Up Code; Terms of Service
Select Language at Signup; Set blog description on blog creation
Set password on WordPress MU blog creation;

14. WordPress Multisite Social Tools

Communities; Forums; Friends;
Members Directory; Blogs Directory
Global Site Search; Global Site Tags;
Messaging; Users Widget