Nobody Does Multisite Better

Nobody Does Multisite Better

WPMU DEV yeh! We’ve been there since the very beginning.

In case you didn’t know (ok, you probably do) Multisite allows you to host an infinite number of WordPress sites managed from one installation. And we should know, we started before was even born and we now host over 5 million sites on one installation. So, if you really are after the Multisite experts, then you've really found them here...

it's in our name!

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And as a member...

... you get to benefit from all of that Multisite expertise. Plus you'll find that *all* of our plugins work perfectly with Multisite.

Along with our core performance, security, seo, backup and site management tools.

So you couldn't be in better MU hands.

Ziporah R Paskman
Ziporah R Paskman 5

This is the best investment I've ever made! The support I got on setting up a Multisite was worth well beyond the minimal monthly membership price. Talk about over-delivery of customer service!