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Pagely vs WPMU DEV Enterprise Hosting

How does WPMU DEV compare with Pagely? We've migrated several Enterprise customers from Pagely and other WordPress hosts, and we've put together a list of what we hear are the main reasons to make the move. Learn more about our Enterprise services and request a quote here.

Pricing and Auto-Scaling

Pagely’s ‘cheapest’ Enterprise plan is more than double where we start and doesn’t even include auto-scaling like we do. This is because Pagely requires that you constantly have the maximum server resources available to you 24/7 – as if you can even predict how much resources you will need. Maybe you go viral? Or maybe you get attacked by a bot? Our auto-scaling infrastructure handles it with ease, and saves you a ton of money too.

An Extension Of Your Team

One main difference with the Pagely model is the way in which co-ownership of security and reliability is shared. In the Pagely service, the customer is responsible for plugin and theme auditing, vetting, and updates from Premium or custom providers. With WPMU DEV Enterprise Hosting, our team manually reviews the code of all plugins and themes before they are added to sites, and we review each update too. We also run nightly reports for any new known vulnerabilities or updates required and work with you about how to make it happen.

Insane (In A Good Way) Support

We’re known for our superhero support, and with Enterprise, support is stepped up to a whole different level. We provide Enterprise customers a shared Slack channel to interface directly and in real-time with our entire team. You aren’t forced into a ticket-based portal. Enterprise customers are assigned both an Account Manager and a WordPress Support Expert to work directly with on strategy, best practices, performance audits, and more.

The Original Multisite Experts

We’ve been in the managed hosting game for over 15 years when it comes to Multisite – including some networks in the MILLIONS of sites. With our Enterprise hosting, you get the benefit of our expertise in how to build, scale, and manage Multisite networks of all shapes and sizes.