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Mike Wiesman

I’m Mike, I started MWMedia in 2012 with a mission to give business owners an improved website experience and to follow a passion that I have had since the internet was conceived. Web Design. After finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at St. Norbert College I landed an internship at a local web […]


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+5 Points

From Steve on Project Management for Contractor?: "Exactly the information I was looking for - thanks!" August 27, 2016

+10 Points

From Ash on downloading the dashboard: "Always helpful to people :)" June 25, 2016

+10 Points

From Sajid on WPMU Dashboard: "For helping member in community!" June 24, 2016

+5 Points

From debbien on Any ideas on how to find a broken link if I don't see it: "Thanks for helping me fix the problem." May 17, 2016

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Using The Divi Theme to make a similar site like Flipboard

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Full-Screen Images - How big are you using?

7 responses Most recent by staffalacarte, September 08 2016

Project Management for Contractor?

9 responses Most recent by steveoglesby, August 27 2016


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