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Elliot Sowersby

I am Elliot Sowersby, a website developer from Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I am a passionate WordPress developer dedicated to offering the best possible service to you. Building a unique and reliable solution at an affordable cost is what I enjoy. My aim is for you to be excited and pleased with the outcome of your […]


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From Dimitris on Simple Affiliate Plugin - Moved Shop/Accounts to Seperate Install: "For sharing his solution in our forums! :)" February 11, 2017

+10 Points

From Ash on Multisites - Limit visits per month.: "Sharing snippet that may help the community" June 12, 2016

+7 Points

From Kasia Swiderska on PHP: Check if user has updated support ticket.: "sharing a code" May 30, 2016

+20 Points

From Nastia on "I accept" before subscribing?: "Amazing Work! Thanks for sharing" April 29, 2016

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