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James Donegan

I am a problem solver and an entertainer — “an artist who’s good at computers.” I came to web development by way of graphic design, art direction and branding. Then I learned to code. Now I develop custom wordpress themes for my clients that are tailored to their needs and no one else’s.


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From Joanne on Membership 2 Pro Alternatives: "simple solution" September 16, 2016

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From Sajid on APP+ not showing user's appointments with shortcode: "Reported and helped find a critical bug!" May 11, 2016

Recent activity

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APP+ Manual Appointments Duration Wrong

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APP+ Errors in Debug Log

2 responses Most recent by adamczajczyk, January 20 2017

Possible App+ glitch: appointments canceled

17 responses Most recent by jamesdonegan, January 20 2017

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