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Julius Lopez

Handcrafting WordPress Solutions since 2011. Offering a full suite of services including Domain Registration, Hosting, DNS, Design, Development, Security, Marketing & SEO, Advertising, Social Integrations, Analytics, and more. Building a website isn’t enough. We help you communicate your story to your audience and deliver your definition of conversion. http://juliuslopez.com 888.708.2004 (tf) 818.934.4398 (skype) @juliuslopezco (twitter)


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From Tammie on One browser will not load a site, but others do. Any ideas?: "Thanks for the detailed info and screen shot. This was very helpful." October 17, 2016

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One browser will not load a site, but others do. Any ideas?

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    My first site since 2000, Haynes Charter (previously Haynes Street School) was created as pro-bono work for their PTO. Working with the PTO and the school's administration we created a site that brought a fresh approach to school website design. Inside of a weekend the site was completely rebuilt and restructured from a static HTML site to a fully interactive solution with a mobile access. https://juliuslopez.com/previous
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    UMCCP was a soup-to-nuts rebuild of their previous website which had been graciously hand coded by a grandmother and church parishoner as a volunteer effort. The site is now a fully responsive communications tool that offers their members multiple entry points, Mailchimp and soon, Donate.ly integration. Build on WP.org and hosted on my platform, umccp.org is a flagship of my business. https://juliuslopez.com/previous
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    5900lesage is a real estate site offering both a public entry as well as a private door for the client's tenant. The public facing side offers a clean and fresh design with a gallery of the property. Gallery photography was all shot by me. On the internal facing site, the client's tenant can pay their rent via Stripe, Paypal, or Cash.me API integrations. https://juliuslopez.com/previous
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    On the heels of completing Haynes Charter's site, I was hired with the task of helping CAMG rebuild their site. A rebuild of a Wordpress site, I reverted many of the php constructs the previous developer had installed to prevent the client from working on their own site. The site was refreshed within a week and the keys turned over to the owner. https://juliuslopez.com/previous
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    My most recent project is again, taking over from another developer to refresh the existing site with enhancements. The rebuild has me modifying the theme's plugins and some custom CSS. Once all changes are locked, the site will be pushed to live. Look for it soon!
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