Rob Schenck

I have been in business designing websites for about 8 years and with my own company for 6 years. Please ask for some sites I have designed. I also create and distribute 3d models and VR Apps. All my sites are built with mobile in mind.


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    Casa Services Created to assist property owners who do not reside in Florida. Our pass experiences as estate managers and in the construction industry, has given us the tools needed to oversee these beautiful properties. Save homeowners money and maintain property as they are intended to be.
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    We sell rebuilt power heads, used engine parts, lower units & Complete outboard Engines. We also offer Services like rebuilding your blown power head, replacing old power head with new power head, rigging engines, etc. In the general Miami area. We sell a full line of marine electrical components for your boat, Truck, RV, Golf Cart, Side by Side, and We also custom fabricate and custom engrave pan
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    Online Jewelry Store auto sync with eBay.
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