Barbara DiLucchio

Trabuco Canyon, CA Retired and started my own business only a few months ago Flash Drive

Right now I put everything I have (and more in the case of money) into trying to get my business going. I currently have 1 website that just started called and another one called that is currently getting a face lift. From the names of my websites and my gravitar picture you can probably tell that I LOVE DOGS! For my business I am learning SEO and trying to learn WordPress design and development. I am also trying to sell products of all kinds on Ebay and Bonanza. Also I am into affiliate marketing in a small way right now but want to grow that too. But what's happened is that I am spread out all over the place and do my best to get all of the stuff I need to do done but it's hard to keep up -- especially when it comes to content which is really important to the success of a website but I just become blank when I try to write the kind of content that google really wants to see like 1000 to 2000 words --- i don't think i even know that many words. I love to learn especially techy stuff as my employment history consists mostly of 1 place of employment for 25 years but I did change job titles. I started as a COBOL programmer Analyst, then did a short period of time as a DBA (which I really hated) and then my last 15 years were focused on Data Warehouse Development.

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