Jason Rubin

Yass, NSW Independent Consultant and JOAT http://www.ozlot.com.au The Incredible Code Injector

God, Family, friends and our Great Dane 'Blu' ... who is not blue at all but a Fawn breed. I'm interested always in growing my knowledge of WordPress. As I have grown in life, so have my desires. Maturity is setting in and at this moment I really have a firm self worth. What does this have to do with WordPress? While not trying to over complicate the answer, I'm just going to say that I have a commitment to make use of WordPress as a powerful platform in my toolset. On the more complicated side, it's WordPress that ultimately lead me to places such as WPMUDEV where I have found a community and a feel of belonging. I have faith this is all going in the right direction and I continue to educate myself so that I can play a roll in making a better internet for all of us and the children to come. On the ultimate end of things I believe in the 'Pay it Forward' mantra and would like to get myself and family to a point of stability where we could be of a greater help to others. On the garage end of things- I have a great deal of metal work in my background and love to build things and do restoration projects. From motorcycles to cast iron bench seats I really love it all. Not where I'm wanting to be with that but I'm on my way : ) If your leaving without connecting with me on the linked social media channels I have failed you and my purpose of filling out this profile, lets change that! Connect and tell me what prompted you to take the next step in communication.

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