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Just an Average American Woman, daughter, wife, mother. I like to grow herbs, I live on an island, have a cat. Yes, I'm one of those cat people, my only consolation is my husband is one of THOSE cat people way worse than me. I am very happily married to a great guy and superb software architect, one of the premier middleware experts on earth. I'm not a little proud of my hubby am I? Yes, Yes, I am, but in my own defense, it's all true. We've been married going on 14 years. We met on the internet before it was cool. and long before they had heard of dating sites. It was on IRC. I grow herbs, flowers, vegi's, fight injustice. I am in independent activist, staunch financial supporter, proud card carrying member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, ( who being joined with by many other agencies, last week filed a law suit against the NSA for violation of our 1st amendment rights. Please consider supporting them, THEY NEED ALL THE FINANCIAL AND PROMOTIONAL HELP THEY CAN GET! To futher those needs I am also a Proud member of and, Again, please consider joining these two extremely important online activism sites as they fight for everyone's right to a free, open, and eavesdropping free internet. We have modules which you can offer to your clients, used it this last July 4th and everyone who wanted to could add a top/side banner, or a modal in support of our July 4th blackout, where over 300,000 website participated in our fight for justice. I also am an independent activist supporting The Committee to Protect Journalist (global), World Wildlife Fund(Global), A Better

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