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Joe Schurman is a global Cloud, Unified Communications, and UC Applications / CEBP (Communications Enabled Business Process) expert and strategist who has provided research, analysis, and consultative guidance to key software manufacturers, enterprise organizations, partners, resellers, developers, and IT professionals in the communications software and telecommunications marketplace. With over 17 years’ experience in IT working with IBM, Microsoft and Microsoft Research, Avaya, Nortel, Accenture, HP, DELL and providing research, development, speaking engagements, seminars, webcasts, and both sales and technical analysis and strategy for a majority of the Fortune 500 with industry experience focus on Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Government & Private Sector, and Energy, Joe is considered one of the top trusted advisors in his field. Joe is also a published author having published two books through Pearson Press/Addison Wesley and Wrox Books as well as many industry and business magazine articles through Redmond Media, PC Magazine, and through his UC Masters Blog sponsored by Network World. Having provided speeches at global vendor and industry events as a keynote and specialized speaker as well as providing interviews and showcase videos for global media including CNN, NBC, FOX Business Network, Discovery Channel, and specialized media through Redmond Media Group and Microsoft Studios, Joe provides a unique ability to understand the deep level technical and engineering components of communications software and is able to educate and advise the market based on current and future technology trends. Based on this ability, Joe has been appointed as a keynote speaker and UC community leader by CompTIA. Joe resides in Houston, Texas with his wife and four children and is a member of the Holland Society and the National Sons of the American Revolution.

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