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Myra Love is a tech-savvy creative with 20+ years of experience in selling enterprise level solutions, developing design and digital solutions for global clients. Myra has an expertise in executing projects that are as technically complex as they are visually appealing. In 1997, Myra was handpicked by the Pentagon to complete their Year 2025 Feasibility Study for developing and deploying interactive applications for the Joint Forces Logistics Branch (Purple Project). In 1999, Myra was recruited by Flatiron Partners (the Internet Venture Capital arm of JP Morgan Chase), as Executive Vice President, eCommerce; to develop; build; and market the ecommerce capabilities for Urban Box Office and its network of over 20+ website properties. After recovering from the “Dot Com Bust”, Myra decided to jump back in again. In 2006, She and her husband Co-Founded LARYM DESIGN. A full-service creative branding & design agency. They specialize in creating, building, maintaining and evolving brand experiences thru their strategy, design, development, SEO and digital marketing services. LARYM DESIGN has successfully delivered solutions to hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations internationally with impressive results. She has built a culturally diverse and multi-skilled team with expertise in pioneering new mediums and platforms.

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