Randall Packer

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Since the 1980s, multimedia artist, composer, and educator Randall Packer has worked at the intersection of interactive media and live performance. He has received international acclaim for his social and politically infused works, and has performed and exhibited at museums, theaters, and festivals throughout the world. Packer is also a writer and scholar in new media, most notably the co-editor of Multimedia: From Wagner to Virtual Reality. He holds an MFA and PhD in music composition and has taught multimedia at the University of California, Berkeley, Maryland Institute College of Art, and American University in Washington, DC. Most recently, he developed Open Source Studio (OSS), an international project exploring collaboration and distance learning in the media arts. He has taught OSS online at the California Institute of the Arts, the Danube University Media Art Histories Program in Austria, and the School of Art, Design, and Media at NTU in Singapore. Packer is an artist educator at the Museum of Modern Art, teaching online for MoMA’s Digital Learning, as well as serving on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University Museum Studies Program, where he teaches the history, theory and practice of multimedia. Packer works and teaches remotely from his studio in Washington, DC.

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