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I'm a Caribbean American Woman, Divorced and Single Mother of five Gorgeous Daughters and Grand'Ma to five pretty Girls and Prince Riley my only Grand Son, I got tired of drying people tears, over their constant * bad love* affairs.. As an authority in love and relationships, I "formulated" a pre-dating and a relationship system, based on structured principles and etiquette that teach: insights and awareness to the clueless and naive lovers, Young and Old to prevent them from getting attracted to losers that otherwise they would never consider.. Struggling to find love in younger years, forces lonely and vibrant Singles to live in solitude while still in their prime life, and it is awful ..I teach Lovers Young and old how to be the CEO of their heart.. Love, Romance and Sexuality should be thought and learned before getting into any kind of intimate relationships.. Starting a Romantic relationship and thinking that all it takes is love .. will surely spoil your chance to attract the sophisticated Lover ready to share their values with someone compatible ..Love is not a game of hazard and feeling lucky to be in a relationship is not a recipe for lasting love,..Come and learn the principles and etiquette's of pre- dating... which in fact will single you out! Learn to be sort after for your self confidence, your incredible personality and your irresistible sex appeal ,.. Welcome to

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