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EvolYOUtionary Entrepreneurial Mindset Mentor | Transpersonal Leader & Visionary | ? The EvolYOUtion ? I am an EvolYOUtionary Entrepreneurial Mindset Mentor, Transpersonal Leader & Visionary whose passionate soul purpose is to be a guiding light to raising consciousness both in your 'Self' & your 'Career' or 'Business' with richly rewarding modalities inclusive of Holistic & Alternative Psychology Practitioner, Cognitive Psychology, Profiling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Meditation & other Transpersonal Therapies, Conscious Business & Brand Design and Development, Marketing, Media, & Website Architecture. Aligning all areas of ones life with a conscious, holistic, modern, and uniquely designed growth focused on your Success allows for a more passionate, soulful, connection to all that emanates throughout every area of your life; enriching all life relationships, maximizing business potential and flow, harmonizing strategic alliances, joint ventures, and partnerships, creating fulfilling programs and platforms that improve the lives of others you engage with your products and services. I have created and redeveloped many business & brand profiles and helped people just like you to embrace their inner self; unleashing their authenticity, and injecting it into their design and journey to open up to the potential for limitless successes thus aligning with their YOUnique evolYOUtion within. 20+ yrs experience in Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Profiling, Business Profiling, Holistic Brand Development, Public Relations & Media, Coaching/Mentoring/Leadership, Transpersonal & Intuitive Therapies. Opening up to and responding to your natural energy potential promotes an inner wellness and balance that allows you to be more in alignment with your authentic purpose which then flows passionately throughout your life and career or business endeavors. ?? EvolYOUtionary Entrepreneurs ??

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