Acoustic Memory

North Carolina Sound Designer/Audio Engineer Design Lord, Child of Thor

Acoustic Memory is a project aimed at creating immersive, experimental electronic music and sound design for video games, films and other media. I have a wide range of musical influences. I started with a passion for Metal and Alternative Rock and progressed through almost every genre from there. I play drums and world percussion instruments. I also enjoy sound design and different forms of synthesis. I currently produce electronic music in several styles. I traveled to various countries around the world before beginning my studies at university. My experiences in culture, history, music, and art from numerous countries inspired me to follow this current career path. I am fascinated by technological advancement and the power we have to create music and art while remaining mobile. I believe that a mixture of old and new techniques/equipment/technology effectively motivate today’s producers to create masterpieces for the future. Being open to change and the progression of our global culture will only improve and inspire the masses.

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Member since October 2016

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