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Scott Bernstein is a highly trained Fugitive Apprehension Expert | Military, Law Enforcement/SWAT Trainer | Counter-Terrorism Specialist | International Child Recovery Operative | CPO/EP | Cold Case – Unsolved Police Detective | Speaker | Author. I have 30 years of experience in various fields and utilize all aspects of my training and experience, as required, to accomplish any task at hand. Failure is NEVER an option! WORK EXPERIENCE: Global Security International LLC NY, NY December 2008 – Present CEO | Commander • Liaison with PMCs, CPO, EM, IP. EP and International Military and Police for Training and Duty. Providing mission specific training modules and guiding the performance the duties and communications with personnel during mission execution. • Coordinates and communicates with the local Quick Reaction Force (QRF) strike response (QSR) missions and rehearsals. • Records, manifests, and tracks all convoys/security movements and personnel within the area of responsibility immediately upon departure from the life support area. • Executes communications security (COMSEC) techniques to ensure control over communications systems and executes operational security (OPSEC) techniques to ensure control over operational procedures. • Communicates using a variety of voice and text based communications, including SAT communications, tactical military communications including CODAN radios, and UHF/VHF radios. • Utilization of GPS tracking systems and DRONE systems. • Firearms and explosive training • CQB and hand to hand combat • Guerrilla warfare • Principles of Intelligence Gathering. • Executive Protection | CPO • Anti – Terrorism • Maritime Security | Shipping & Freight Security • Liaison agent with host country | foreign Security Forces • Contingency plan development • Development and Implementation of Physical Security • Risk Management Procedures • Interpret and Enforce Rules, regulations and laws • Use discretion and analyze changing situations • Adaptation to given environments • Survival Skills • Develop security and emergency plans • Motorcade Operations • Route Planning • Site Advance • Counter-surveillance • Anti-Terrorist Countermeasures • Counter Surveillance • Defensive driving • Manage logistic resources • Contingency Plans • First Aid Bounty Hunter Training Academy NY, NY February 1997 – Present CEO | Master Instructor • Bounty Hunter Training Academy in the only elite tactical cadre in the nation for with applications and modules for Military Veterans, LEOS (Law Enforcement Veterans), seasoned Bail Enforcement Agents, Bail Bondsmen, Security professionals and Civilians. • Our founder is considered unchallenged to be the industry leader and has racked up more than 6,200+ documented arrests in his 26+ years on the streets. His proprietary skills, tools and techniques will enable the prospect/veteran to be the most sustainable & proficient Bounty Hunter earning success, respect and recognition in the industry. We pride ourselves on our unrivaled approach to out methodologies we encompass in our training: • Intelligence gathering • To succeed is a process not a single action. • Never underestimate the intelligence of the defendant you seek. • Critical thinking is essential. • Assessment must be made with the use of our proprietary science. • Dissemination of facts v. fiction is essential in any given preliminary phase. • Listening is critical to communicating • Knowledge is power • Entering into the culture on the criminal mindset • Profiling, analysis, criminal behavior • SWAT Training • Prisoner Escape • Tracking Dogs • Rural | Urban Terrain Tracker Our hands-on tactical training is unsurpassed. Our Hunters become skilled craftsman on locating and recovering fugitives from justice with zero liability issues. We train in the skill of Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Forces). We instill honor, code, integrity and respect. We immerse our students into the culture of the criminal mindset providing them with our proprietary skills, tools and technique to comprehend the relevance of any given environment. Once they engage, we give them a unique perspective to learn risk assessment and give them the insight to pedigree their target and quickly assimilate into any hostile situation. The science of this industry is blending them into the canvass of every environment and advancing ahead and possessing the very essence of tactical awareness. Your future is only as good as your training. Cooperative team work is only effective as leadership qualities. Developed recommended actions to prevent or mitigate hostile actions against USACE personnel, resources and facilities. What are the tactical skills that Bernstein and his Academy offers and the productivity he provides? • CQB - Close Quarters Battle • Principals of Unarmed Combat • Combat Mind-set • Fighting Stances • Balances & Movement • Effective Striking & Striking Areas • Blocks & Counter Punching • Grip Breaking & Joint Locks • Throwing & Grappling Techniques • Chokes & Strangles • Kicks/Jabs • Combinations & Counter Techniques • Knife Attack & Defense • Gun/Knife Take-aways • Weapon retention • Advanced Handcuffing & Restraints • Tactical Submissions • Room combat/Tactics • Improvised weapons • Frisk/Pat downs • Door/Window Breaching • Room Clearance • Operational Planning • Working in Teams • Distraction, Use of Confusion • Crowd Clearance • Dominance • Danger Areas • Bystanders • Emergency Situations • Crowd Control • Prisoner Handling/Control • Tactical Withdrawal • Low Light Penetration & Clearance • Non-Lethal Weaponry • Extractions • Detention • Transport - Air/Land-Sea • Booking Procedures - Local/State/Federal • Post Operational Debrief • Conducted threat /vulnerability assessments on remote outlying work/residence offices. • Cultivated and fostered key partnerships with local, state, federal and international agencies. • Provided intelligence, investigative operation in conjunction with Military Force Protection. • Supported the planning, direction, execution, and management of Vulnerability Assessments, Operational Readiness Assessments, and Physical Security Assessments. • Support planning, coordination, implementation and management of physical security to combat organized criminal enterprise and terrorist threats with emergent response, force and contingency planning • Developed and evaluated internal key performance indicators to ensure mission success. • Commanded, networked, developed key strategies to tract target make apprehensions. • Provided technical and analytic support, coordination and integration of concepts, assessments, emergency preparedness requirements, capabilities and mitigation. • Liaised with law enforcement, government officials, and private security agencies in joint efforts to enhance efforts to bring closure for high risk flights. • Conducted briefings and presentations on current tactical and strategic posture, on remote sites, to facilitate future operations • Skip Tracing • Pre-Text Art • Vulnerability Assessment • Surveillance | Reconnaissance • Target Assessment • Risk Management U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency NY, NY CEO | Director Fugitive Task Force November 1986 – Present (27 years 10 months) In 1986, Scott Bernstein became only one of a few hundred Bounty Hunters in the nation. He covered most of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Working closely with law enforcement, he earned undying respect and contacts that culminated arrests on a daily basis. With no technology and no communications, raw instinct was the only form of “getting the job done”. It was an art form. Street survival skills and working with Confidential Informants and criminal instincts working inside the box. Bernstein developed the first ever Fugitive Investigative Strike Team (FIST) which the Marshal Service had used the same moniker. His methodology was to move fast in the face of adversity and possess an innate ability to quickly disseminate information. Despite increased case loads, Bernstein keeps his eye on the ball and maintains his vision where his intelligence indicates the existence of a significant number of fugitives from justice most often using bait to set the trap. His objectives were exact and modified for each defendant he chased down apprehending as many fugitives as possible. He was relentless and he epitomized the phrase failure was not an option. It was also known to all law enforcement agencies that he had the unparalleled abilities to track down escaped federal prisoners, and parole/probation violators. Bernstein’s work as an undercover investigator proved an incredible asset as a Bounty Hunter infiltrating underground crime operations which resulted in numerous arrests and filtering critical intelligence which resulted in hundreds of arrest in bail jumpers. Most of them in narcotic trafficking and other offenses which included homicide, bank robbery, kidnapping, assault, armed robbery, alien smuggling and counterfeiting. Bernstein believed back then as he does now that a successful operation must demonstrate our unwillingness to allow fugitives from justice to remain outside the system where they may, and do, prey upon innocent Americans. Fugitives must be arrested and returned to the point in the system from which they fled. Then, and only then, can justice be done. In 1991, Bernstein went national, and joined associations like NABEA (National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents), NIBE and others. No longer was he a lone Hunter. He developed and pioneered many fugitive task forces which are staples you see today in both private and in more public sectors now. Here is an example of Bernstein’s accomplishments: • Coordinated/planned with military force protection on all high profile VIP visits and events • Conducted briefings and presentations on current tactical and strategic posture, on remote sites, to facilitate future operations throughout Afghanistan. • Responsible for over 6,200 fugitive apprehensions (misdemeanors and high risk felonies) • Worked with local, state and federal law enforcement • Worked with International law enforcement in 12 countries. • Apprehend war criminals, terrorists, drug cartel members, prison absconders, parole violators. • State representative for NABEA (national Assn of Bail Enforcement Agents) • National Rep. for NIBE (National Institute of Bail Enforcement • East Coast Rep. for NABEA • Chair Person for IABEA (International Assn of Bail Enforcement Agents • East Coast Chairperson for BEAA | PBUS – Bail Enforcement Alliance of America • EAST Coast Representative of PBUS | Professional Bondsmen of the United States • Agent of the year – NABEA for all Years consecutive • Agent of the Year for all years running • Award for Decade of Service by NABEA and IAEBEA • Street Survival Medal • Board of Advisors – NABEA • Analyst a, Profiler and criminal Science Behaviorist for all Network and Cable News • Criminal Profiler for Law Enforcement for law enforcement agencies on high profile cases. • Supported the planning, direction, execution, and management of Antiterrorism Vulnerability Assessments, Operational Readiness • Presenter | Speaker • Co-Authored the Police Science Institute – comprehensive training manual for law enforcement and the bail enforcement industry. • Selected and worked as the sole Bounty Hunter for America’s Most Wanted. • Provided diplomatic protection and security detail for ambassadors and Presidents. Provided technical and analytic support • Liaised with private entities to hunt and apprehend war criminals. Child Recovery International NY, NY CEO January 1989-present As the leading international authority in the investigation and recovery of at-risk children and adults, we have serviced clients in 45 states and 16 countries to date. We provide a gathering of minds, science, technology, experience from highly trained and seasoned military, law enforcement intelligence agencies with unparalleled skills to bring resolution | closure to both open and cold (missing persons) cases. CRI will actively and steadfastly pursue every missing person without prejudice or bias with the latest technology and investigative/intelligence capabilities available. CRI will interact and work hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies whenever deemed prudent to bring each case to a successful conclusion. CRI's primary success is our innate ability to profile each case immediately and quite accurately. While others may deem your child is a runaway, there are many instances where they have been stalked by a predator and fallen prey to the human/sex trafficking industry. Once taken into human trafficking it is often difficult to track the movements of this underground criminal enterprise but at CRI we do possess the skills to do so. This needs special handling and expertise in this field. Often times, children are force onto labor camps and are migrated. Some are killed when their captors find them of no further use or problematic. There is no awareness in the world about private sector agencies so the public are blinded to rush to the police and to a government funded agency such NCMEC which only has a 18% success rate. Most of which contributes to the fact that the children returns home voluntarily. CRI has: • Recovered over 600 missing and endangered children • Over 1500 adult locates • Infiltrated 20+ human trafficking trades. • International Human Smuggling Detection • Organized Crime Expertise • Vulnerability Assessments • Undercover Operatives • Private Enterprise Abilities • Cross border Capabilities • Extractions via Land/Sea/Air • Predator Tracking • Predator Profiling • Evidence Procurement • DNA Identification • Tracking and Cadaver Dogs • Rapid Response • Age Profiling • Parental Abduction • Hague Convention • Demographic and Geographic Profiling • Global Reach CRI manages day to day operations and operational budget of both Static and Mobile risk management teams: • Receive, analyze and dissect vital information • Skip Trace and prep vital case intelligence and information • Proffer a profile of obtainable evidence • Designed, modified and implement Security/Force Protection Standards, Policies and Directives. • Interact with coalition forces and local, state and federal agencies. • Vetted all personnel for the Mobile and Static teams. • Interrogation and Interview • Management of POI’s • Procurement, evaluation and Evidentiary value of online resources • Crime Scene Analysis • Procurement of Evidence • Preservation of Evidence • Fingerprint Procurement • Forced Entry • Witness Locates – Interviews • Material Evidence • POI • Corroborate Verbal Witness Statements • Forensic Biology • Analyze Impressions • Trace Evidence • Social media Tracking • Violent Crime Discernment • Breaking and Entering • Processing the Crime Scene • Scene Recognition | Documentation • Motive Analyst • Body Removal • Evidence Classification • Kidnap & Ransom • Art of Negotiation • Assimilate the predator territory • Targeting the Predator • Interposal Modus Operandi • Telecommunications and assessments • Portability • Confidential Informants New York Department of Insurance Fraud NY, NY March 2012 – September 2012 (Contract ended) CEO/Senior Investigator/SIU NYDIF insurance companies such as Aetna, Allstate, State Farm, regarding suspicious insurance claims. There are many types of insurance investigations, including: • Health insurance fraud investigation. This investigation tries to determine whether someone is getting paid for health care that they are not receiving or is filing health care claims and requests that are not valid or needed. We search billing records and make sure that doctors and patients are not colluding to commit fraud. • Car insurance fraud investigation. Some criminals stage accidents, in which they purposely collide with another car and then try to accuse the other driver of an accident in order to file claims. Some criminals attempt vehicle theft fraud, trying to get money for a car which was not, in fact, stolen. We uncovered these schemes. • Home insurance fraud investigation. In this type of insurance investigation, investigators discover disaster fraud, which includes false claims of damage. Investigators will often try to find out if the claimant has upgraded their coverage before the claim was filed. We also investigated property fraud to find evidence against those who make false claims about property damage. • Life insurance fraud investigation. Our Investigators worked to uncover cases of people who claim life insurance while still alive or those who claim too much in life insurance. Our Investigators also verified the existence of an individual who has life insurance being collected on them. • Workers compensation fraud investigation. Insurance investigators work to find evidence of workers who claim compensation when not as injured as they claim. Investigators will verify the severity of the injury and whether the injury occurred while the person was working. • Insurance company investigation. Our Investigative Operatives also worked to uncover evidence of bad business practices at insurance companies. If an insurance company takes your money but does not compensate you as promised, a professional investigator can help you make your case in court. • Some of the primary investigative techniques that assist our fraud investigator develop include a deeper understanding of the claim and the situation surrounding the incident include: • Slip and Fall • Product Liability investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident of the product malfunction as well as the injuries claimed • Covert surveillance to collect visual evidence • Witness locates • Interviews/Interrogations/Statements • Background checks • Skip tracing • Accident re-construction • Video | Photo Analysis Media: • NBC Universal • ABC World Night Tonight • ABC News • MSNBC • CNBC • FOX News • UPN • CNN • HLN • CBS • FOX Files • Oprah – Bounty Hunter Cases “American Bounty Hunter” • Dr. Phil - ‘The Hatchet Man” – Homicide & Missing Persons Cases • Geraldo – Bounty Hunter, Missing Persons • Rolanda – regular – Private Investigator/International Apprehension Agent/Cold Case Detective/ Homicide/Child Recovery • Sally Jesse – regular - Expert. Private Investigator/International Apprehension Agent/Cold Cases/ Homicide/Child Recovery News Shows: • 60 Minutes • Court TV – criminal analyst, profiler and criminal science behaviorist in 0ver 200 episodes spanning 7 years • Extra – Expert Profiler • Inside Edition – Expert Profiler • Neil Cavuto • Internight • Catherine Cryer Report – regular • Scared Straight – Private Investigator | Security • Scared Straight 25th Anniversary – Investigator | Security International Documentaries – Featured as Bounty Hunter and Child Recovery expert in: Germany – 4 times Russia – Japan – 2 times Belgium – 2 times Australia UK Print – featured in over 80 million front-page articles for high-profile closed case assignments, apprehensions and a features on my career. Radio – featured in over 300 radio shows (mostly clear channel across the Nation) Reality TV Shows: • American Bounty Hunter – 1998 • Bounty Hunters – 1999-2000 • Fugitives Files – FOX – 2007 Memberships/Associations: • IABEA – Board Member. Trainer. Speaker • LEAA – Law Enforcement Alliance of America. Speaker • NABEA – National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents. Trainer/ Author/ National Speaker • IABEA – International Association of bail Enforcement Agents. Vice President. Trainer. Trainer. Speaker • NIBE – National Institute of bail Enforcement. Trainer. Speaker. Author • BEAA- Bail Enforcement Alliance of America. East Coast Rep. Speaker. Author • ALDONYS – Associated Licensed Detective of NY State • PBUS – Professional Bondsmen of United States. Speaker • STA – Board Member – Security Training Authority- Board member (UK) • PAL – Police Athletic Association • PBA – Police Benevolent Association • FOP – Fraternal Order of Police • New York State Sheriff’s Department • New York State Chiefs of Police • New York State Sheriff’s Association Institute Inc. – Honorary Member • Chiefs of Police Association • Who’s Who Of America • International Directory of Who’s Who • Rockland Business Association – member, speaker/author • Rockland Economic Development Corp. member/speaker Awards: • Agent of the Year: NABEA – 1996-2009 – all years • Agent of the Year - - NIBE 1997-2008 – all years • IABEA – 1996-2008 – all years • NABEA – Decade of Service Award • NABEA – Service Award to PBUS Education/Certifications: Colorado Executive Protection Institute Boulder, Co • EP, 7-day training course. Street Survival Caliber – Las Vegas - 1997 Grand Master Wong Englewood Cliffs, NJ • 6th Degree Black Belt • Tae Kwon Do. Global Security Academy – CPO, IP Pleasanton, CA • CQB • Baton Training • Krav Maga • Maritime Security • Evacuation Ops • Emergency Threat & Risk Assessment National Assn’ of Bail Enforcement Miami, Florida Degree – Bounty Hunter certification. Private Detective - NJ/NY/CT Top Secret Security Clearance – Clandestine Ops Top Secret Security Clearance – Canada (RCMP) Hobbies: • Scuba - PADI • Sky Diving • Horseback • Motorcycle • Mountain Climbing

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