State of Anticipation (Steilacoom, WA USA) Chief Evangelist New Recruit

....Here is one of the best examples of a vibrant developer / user community that we've run across. This is a model that I support and have been feeding into in certain projects. Forums and memberships can be sustained through various means, demonstrates that choosing the appropriate drivers are key to maintaining active, healthy communities. As I interact with members here I'm both challenged to learn, and compelled to contribute this emphasis has shown through the user's experiences to foster quality interactions, and productive associations. Just to say, there's gold awaiting those that acquire that fleeting thing called vision. When you discover the why, or the main spring, of operating in an interactive context, this raises the beauties and implies the responsibilities of fostering "the community" and that will help you to take those actions that will build, grow and sustain it. I'll just break down and tell you it's paramount that you're deriving your 'why' from an authoritative source and that you are dealing squarely.

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