The Admin Bar

A quality unbranded help and support WordPress video introducing users to the WordPress admin bar – for your clients, your users or yourself.



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Need completely unbranded videos that you can use as support videos for your clients, your users or yourself?

Look no further!

We’ve created our WordPress video tutorial series to include the following features:

  • Simple embed code, just copy and paste wherever you want
  • We host the video, so you get unlimited bandwidth, at no cost
  • HTML5 video, works great on all apple devices
  • Immediately and automatically updated with new versions of WordPress
  • High production standards, quality audio, scripts and captures
  • Saving you weeks, and weeks of work

This short unbranded flash video from our video series introduces users to the WordPress admin bar – for your clients, your users or yourself.


This video introduces users to:

  • visiting a site from the dashboard
  • using the admin bar at the top of a site

Simply embed it by grabbing the code and following the instructions in the ‘Usage‘ tab.

And here’s some info about the admin bar that you can use to complement your videos — if you like!

The admin bar is automatically available on all versions of WordPress 3.1+.

Here is what the Admin Bar looks like:




To embed our unbranded support videos into your sites, you must first register their domains on our Support Video API page here.

To Use:

1. Click on “Get the Embed” and open up the .txt file.

2.  Make sure you’ve registered your domain on our Support Video API page here.

3.  Copy the embed code from the text file.


4.  Completely write your post or page including adding title, text, images, tags and categories.

5.  Click on Save Draft, previewed your post / page  and make all necessary edits.

6.  Now click on the HTML tab to switch to the HTML editor and then paste the video embed code.

7.  Click Publish.

  • In WordPress multisite you must be logged in as a Super Admin to be able to add embed code)


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