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The most powerful, flexible and feature-rich bookings plugin available for WordPress. Appointments + does it all.

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Superb Google Calendar integration
Shows providers available for that service
Custom description for your service providers
Easy PayPal integration
Book an appointment with 3 clicks


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appointments + is powerful, flexible and feature-rich plugin that allows you to accept, set and manage your bookings on your site.

Do you constantly swap between your website and your appointment booking system, juggling calls and missing new clients who fall through the cracks?

Ditch your diary and save a fortune in time and money with Appointments +

Appointments + Does It All

Appointments + is the most comprehensive bookings plugin available for WordPress. It’s ideal for businesses and individuals who schedule times with clients, such as consultants, web designers, spa, hair salons, photographers and sales executives.

With Appointments +:

  • Customers can book their own appointments on your site
  • You can schedule appointments with clients
  • Manage customer contact information
  • Collect payments or deposits using PayPal
  • Manage your entire team, create unlimited service providers and unlimited services
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails to increase customer attendance rates
  • Allow you and your clients to book appointments up to one year in advance
  • Manage appointments using Google calendar

Book an Appointment in Just Three Clicks

Use Paypal to collect payments and deposits right out of the box with Appointments +. No button creation or coding necessary.

You can even integrate the plugin with Membership by WPMU DEV to offer discounts and payment vouchers to existing members of your site.

Simple Appointment Booking

Style and display a calendar on your site where clients can select and make appointments.

Customize Your Appointment Calendar

Set up customizable profiles for each of your staff members and Appointments + will automatically display their available time slots.

Service Provider Times

You can create profiles for each of your staff members listing their qualifications, experience or any other details about what they offer.

Clients can click any service your company offers and Appointments + will display all your available team members for that service:

Service and Provider

Integrate Appointments + with Google Calendar

Admins and clients can save any appointment directly to their Google Calendar with no API coding required.

There is also the option to fully integrate Google Calendar with your site by entering API credentials, allowing you to make appointment edits from your Google Calendar and push changes back to your site.

Google Calendar

30+ Custom Features

Appointments + has features that rival the most sophisticated  – and much more expensive – booking platforms, including:

  • Create unlimited services
  • Create unlimited service provider profiles
  • Create “black out” dates and times
  • Edit schedules from back end of WordPress, on admin or profile pages
  • Compatible with BuddyPress
  • Short codes for inserting into posts/pages
  • Creates automatic appointment page including all required shortcodes
  • Display weekly, or monthly schedules
  • Limit booking of appointments in advance ( e.g. you can set, say, two days to 365 days from today is allowed)
  • Gravatar support for personalizing provider profiles
  • Custom Color labels for appointments
  • Form autofill for repeat clients
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress
  • Integrates with WPMU DEV Membership plugin, thus ability to offer discount to certain membership levels
  • Integrates with WPMU DEV MarketPress plugin, thus uses its additional payment gateways (PayPal is already included), and also allows for multiple bookings.
  • Option to require payments or deposits in advance
  • Deposits can be selected as percentage or as fixed amounts
  • Synchronizes with your Google Calendar account and automatically updates it
  • Send clients appointment reminders
  • Take phone appointments manually
  • Ability to automatically remove unpaid appointments after a set time
  • Multiple custom widgets included
  • Documentation inside the plugin including tutorials and FAQ’s
  • More than 130 custom filter and action hooks
  • Support for multiple break times
  • Biography and description custom post types
  • Define appointment locations
  • Add services and workers locations
  • Google Maps integration
  • Worker calendar shortcodes

For help and information on installing plugins you can view our Installing WordPress Plugins Manual.

Check out this extensive tutorial on building your first Appointments based site. Or, watch our video tutorial series:

Appointments + Video Tutorials

Once you Activate the plugin you will see a menu appear on the Menu Bar labeled Appointments.

Appointments Menu

You will see three sub-menus appear when you click on the menu item.  We will tackle each separately and in order.

Appointments Submenu


Clicking Appointments brings you to the hub of your appointments list.  You will see that your appointments will be separated by status: Active, Pending, Completed and Removed.  You can view each by clicking on their respective links, and each page will show the Client and Service basic info as below.  At the top of the page you will see an Add New button, just like you use to create a new page or post.  Click that and you can Add a new appointment manually to your calendar.

Add New AppointmentThe New Appointment Menu is pretty self explanatory.  There is a place for the client’s infomation, the Service information (that will populate from the menus you fill in later) and a place for notes.  Last but not least you can set the status before Saving.  There is a built in tutorial that covers this as well, I will show you where to find that, just in-case you have any questions or forget something.

Add New Meta

next up…


Here you will see your transactions if you are taking payments or deposits.  These are also grouped: Recent, Pending and Future.  Each accessible by clicking their respective links.  You cannot manually add a transaction, the plugin will only record what is recorded through PayPal.


And now the meat of this beast…


The Settings menu will greet you with a Tutorial.  You should pay attention to that :)

It will tell you what you need to know about setting up the plugin and the tabs you see here.  Most are pretty easy to understand and the plugin options are very well annotated, so you should have no trouble.  We can pop through and summarize them here, one by one, but I will draw your attention to the FAQ tab first.

Settings Menu


Here is where you will find info on everything you need in this plugin, ready for immediate access!   The TWO most important pieces of information on this page, for those who are just installing or learning how to use the plugin, are the two links at the top.  These will start (or restart) the tutorials on the Settings menu options and Entering and Editing Appointments.


Now, let’s backtrack.  Starting off at the first tab:


These settings are the heart and soul of your setup.  Pay special attention to the General Settings box at the top of the page.  Especially the Time base value.  Time Base the most important parameter of Appointments+. It is the minimum time that you can select for your appointments.  Everything time related will work off of this value.  The remaining boxes allow you to set your

  • Display: create an appointment page, it’s display, client information boxes and a place to add Custom CSS.
  • Client Accessibility: you can choose whether or not to require login before scheduling
  • Payment Settings: choose whether you will accept payments
  • Notification Settings: option to set up confirmation and reminder emails for client and/or providers
  • Performance Settings: Caching options

General Settings

Working Hours

Set your ours of operation and Break Times.  Think Business Hours and ‘Out to Lunch‘.  You can even specify different hours for different service providers.  Makes it easy to keep track of differing schedules!

Working Hours


Days off, holidays, scheduled maintenance, etc.  You can add them all here.  You can also define working days that are normally non-work days (i.e. a particular Sunday).  These are also able to be set per service provider.



What do you do?! What do you provide?!  This is where you lay it all out.  Set a capacity, price and even a description page.


Service Providers

Not required that you have more than person available doing what gets done, but if you do, here is where you keep track of them all.  You can even add Additional fees and assign more than one service to a provider.  Even attach them to a Bio page.  Note: this tab will not populate until you have at least one service listed in the Services tab.

Service Providers


Heaps of Shortcodes for your use.  Insert provider or client specific tables, dropdown of services,  table for appointment scheduling, monthly views, social login pagination, list all upcoming appointments, PayPal and a couple of parameters for those.



Keep up with what is happening by checking your Logs.  This nifty tab is where you will find updates on everything that happens on your site.  Status changes, transactions and the like.


And that’s it! Well not really. You will need to download and install to see the details.  This plugin is spectacularly annotated and contains loads of helpful information along the setup process!  Enjoy!

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