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Maintain, update and share upcoming group events with really swish calendar functionality.

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BuddyPress Group Calendar in action
Group calendar settings options for the Group admin
Widgets options for BuddyPress Calendar
Example of how the map feature works on BuddyPress Group Calendar
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Upcoming Events Widget
Calendar Displayed by Year
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This plugin allows group members and moderators to create and manage events for display in a group calendar, as well as globally across the site.


You’ve got some fantastic groups going on your BuddyPress site, and everyone wants to hook up, or plan a get together on Skype, or share dates of upcoming gigs or markets or events or exams….

Congratulations, your site is a success and now you need a group calendar!

Need to Organize Group Activities and Events?

The BuddyPress Group Calender plugin offers the ability for groups to coordinate and organize events.

There are unlimited uses for this functionality, including practices,  festivals, performance schedules, business promotions, networking, learning management systems, markets, corporate events, etc.

While creating new events, the user can see upcoming events that are scheduled for that specific group, as well as scroll ahead by month or year.

Past events can be left on the calendar or users can delete them.

This helps keep your group on track without double-booking.

BuddyPress Group Calendar in action

Want to Promote Events Locally or Globally Across Your Network?

This is not simply a calendar but it offers event planning capabilities and the option to promote events on the front page of the social network using the Single Group Event widget.

Non-group members can see the events scheduled and may elect to become linked up with the group simply because they are interested in the promoted event.

See the Single Group Events widget helps all members monitor upcoming Group events:

Single Group Events Widget

Group members will be able to check out all of the new events that are scheduled for the groups they participate in when they log in to your network using the User’s Group Events widget.

See the User’s Group Events widget helps a user easily monitor their upcoming events:

User Group Events Widget

Want to Control Who Can Create Events?


The Group admin controls who can create and modify events for the group via Group Calendar Settings options on their Group Setting admin page:

Changing moderator and members capabilities on the Group calendar

And Want Members Notified by Email of New Events?

You asked! So here it is!

The Group admin can enable or disable email notification of new events using the
new via Group Calendar Settings options on their Group Setting admin page:

Enabling email notification of new events

Need Event Creation to be Easy?

We’ve done it!

Creating a new calendar event is as simple as:

  1. Go to the Group where you want to create an Event
  2. Click on the Calandar tab
  3. Add all the details to the Create Event form and click Create Event!

Creating a Calendar Event

Easy Peasy! Heh?

And best of all the BuddyPress Group Events creator includes:

1.  JavaScript pop up selector for dates

Easy date selection for the calendar

2.  Addresses are automatically converted into a link to a map for that location

Example of how the map feature works in Group Calendars

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Start by reading Installing mu-plugins section in our comprehensive BuddyPress Manual if you are new to WordPress MU.

To install:

1. Download the plugin file

2. Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive

3. Upload the /bp-group-calendar/ folder in /wp-content/plugins/

4. (Network) Activate the BP Group Calendar plugin on the Plugins admin page


BuddyPress Group Calendar Upload


To Use:

After activating the plugin, you will see the Calendar menu item in the navigation for each group where you are a member. There you will be able to manage and edit events as well as create new ones.

If you want to display upcoming events in the sidebar or footer or any other widgetized area of your theme, go to Appearance >> Widgets >> and drag and drop the Upcoming Events widget or Single Group Events widget to your theme’s sidebar or other area.

You can edit how many events and what group it will show directly in the widget options.

BuddyPress Calendar Widget

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