BuddyPress Group Email

This plugin adds group email functionality to BuddyPress allowing a group admin or moderator to send an email to all the other members in the group.

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BuddyPress Group Email with Default Theme
BuddyPress Group email on the default BP theme
BuddyPress Group Email In Action

This plugin adds group email functionality to BuddyPress.

Once installed, a new item is added to the group menu allowing group admins and moderators to send an email to all the other members in the group.

Benefits of BuddyPress Group Email

  • Easily communicate with group members without having to locate and input all of their email addresses
  • Ensure that messages are received, even if a user’s notifications are turned off
  • Keep users interacting on your site with an in-house communications center for their various groups

Here’s the link in action:

BP Group Email

Once clicked, the group admin can simply enter in a subject and text for the body of the email – and hit send.

An email will then be sent (note, this won’t be an internal BuddyPress message, it’ll be an email to the users email accounts) to all group members.

Simple and effective :)

Here’s the whole plugin in action using one of our themes:

And here it is in use with the default theme:

BuddyPress Group Email

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To install:

1) Unzip the /bp-group-email/ folder into /wp-content/plugins/.

(Alternatively unzip it on your computer and upload the /bp-group-email/ folder to /wp-content/plugins/)

2) (Network) Activate the BP Group Email plugin on the Plugins admin page

3) And you are done – no configuration required :)

To Use:

After activating the plugin, visit a group that you are a member of and Click on “Send Email” to fill out the form and send communication to all members.

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