BuddyPress Hide Widgets

Adds the ability for network admins to choose which BuddyPress widgets should *only be available to the main blog*.

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BuddyPress Hide Widgets Menu
BuddyPress Hide Widgets Settings

This  plugin solves an annoying BuddyPress issue – BuddyPress widgets being displayed on all sites which should really only be available for the root blog and accessible to site admin.

Add this plugin if you want to be able to select widgets that will be shown on all blogs and restrict others to be shown only on the main blog.

Benefits of BuddyPress Hide Widgets:

  • More precise control over widgetized areas, beyond what WPMU offers
  • Enables the main blog to be the “community hub”
  • Frees non-main blog widgetized areas for other user-selected content

BuddyPress Hide Widgets Settings

Other plugin options for managing widgets:

1. Custom Content Dashboard Widget - Easily add a widget full of custom content to user dashboards, great for help and support… or sales messages!

Custom Content Dashboard Widget


2. Dashboard Widget Order - Easily customize the order of widgets on all of your users dashboards… giving more prominence to the widgets *you* want them to see and use.

Dashboard Widget Order

3. Recent Global Posts Comments Widget - Display all the latest comments from across your entire WordPress MU site – using a simple but powerful widget!

Recent Global Posts Comments Widget





To Get Started:

Start by reading the Installing Plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Once installed and network-activated, you’ll find the settings for this plugin in your network admin under Settings > BuddyPress > Settings.

BuddyPress Hide Widgets Network Menu

To Configure:

Configuring this plugin couldn’t be any easier. Simply check the widgets you want available on the main site only, or available to all sites. Then save your settings. You’re done.

BuddyPress Hide Widgets Settings

Visit one of the sites in your network and you should see only the widgets you selected to be shown.

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