Transform your site with classifieds functionality or simply create a standalone page and buy and sell goods.

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classifieds allows you to buy and sell goods on your WordPress site. Transform your site with classifieds functionality or simply create a standalone page.

With Classifieds you can quickly and easily turn your blog, Multisite network or BuddyPress site into the next eBay or Etsy.

Make Money On Your WordPress Site

Your site’s users can create and manage their own ads, upload images, receive emails about their classifieds postings, purchase credits and must more.

Classifieds is fully Multisite and BuddyPress compatible, meaning you can create a whole network of localized classifieds sites, similar to Craigslist.

You can also enable the credit system and charge your users for placing ads on your site. Thanks to the plugin’s full PayPal integration, you set the prices and make money for each add posted on your site.


Buy and sell goods directly from your WordPress site with Classifieds.

Classifieds Comes Packed With Features

  • BuddyPress users get a special page in their profiles for viewing and posting Classifieds
  • Upload images with ads and resize with easy-to-use cropping tool
  • Set time limit for ads to expire
  • Flexible PayPal credit system with multiple currency options
  • Easily test crediting system with PayPal sandbox mode before launch
  • Set signup credits for all users or send an individual user a set amount of credits
  • Send credits as gifts
  • Integrate with Recent Custom Post Type Widget by WPMU DEV

For help and information on installing plugins you can view our Installing WordPress Plugins Manual.

If installing on Multisite, you do NOT need to Network Activate.  Simply activate Classifieds on the site that you wish to use it.

Once you install the plugin you will see 2 new menus appear.  A Classifieds Menu and a CustomPress menu.  Classifieds is a custom post type built using CustomPress, so you do NOT need to use the CustomPress unless you understand how to edit custom post types.  Using CustomPress is not a requirement for using Classifieds.

Classifieds will automatically create 3 (three) pages upon install.

  • Classifieds
  • My Classifieds
  • Classifieds Checkout

Should you have any issues with this not being done or have the need to recreate these page you can completely Trash the pages, then deactivate and re-activate the plugin.  We will come back to these in a bit to see what they do.

Let’s get the plugin setup!  We will go through the settings quickly, you will find them easy to manage.  The Classified>Settings menu contains a few tabs that we should go through.


General Settings

Here is where you setup how your users use your Classifieds site.  You can choose to assign a default WP Role or create your own.  When you create your own you will have the ability to set the Capabilities for this new role on the next tab.  Simply enter the name of the role you wish to add in the “Add Role Name” box and click the ‘Add a Role’ button.  You will see your entry displayed in the dropbox below and above.

You can see in the screenshot I’ve added a User Role of ‘Merchant’, we will define this role in the next tab.

Classified Member Role

Next you can set your Classifieds Status Options.  This is where you decide how you want your site to work.  Do you want to Approve all posts?  Do you want members to be able to have drafts?  Now’s the time to choose.  You can always change this later.

Classifieds Status Options

Last on this tab are the Form Fields and Pagination settings.  You can choose to require images for your Classified ads here, set a default image if you decide not to require them, and select how your pagination will display.  Note: the number of classifieds per page will be controlled by the Settings>Reading value for Blog posts per page.

Form Fields & Pagination

Be sure to click “Save Changes” before you move on!


This is the tab where you will set the rules for who can do what with the Classifieds.  You can edit any role from ‘Administrator’ to your Custom Roles that you added on the previous page.  You can see the example using the ‘Merchant’ role I created.


You must click to save the capabilities after selecting capabilities for EACH role.

Payment Settings

Should you choose to decide to charge for the ability to create classifieds on your site you can set the Payment terms here.

You can choose from Recurring Payments, One Time Payments and Credit based options.  Simply select the check box next to the payment method you prefer, then fill in the remaining values.

For Credits, you do not need any other plugins or elements, just fill out the values and your users will purchase the credits via the Payment Gateway you choose on the next tab.

Payment Settings

You’ll also see a “Terms of Service” box filled with dummy text.  You should replace this with your own.

Payment Types

This tab is where you set your Payment Details to accept Payments.  If you want to have a Free Classifieds site then just click the Free Listings box and save the settings, then move on.  Nothing else for you here.  If you select “Free Listings” it will ignore any settings on the previous tab.

If you are choosing to charge, select the Gateway you want to use.  The settings box for the applicable Gateway will appear below.  You have the option in any of the paid Gateways to set Redirect URL’s on Success and upon Cancellation.

Note: You cannot offer both Free and Paid listings.

Payment Types


This tab lists various shortcodes you can use around your site.  Simply select a shortcode to use and insert it into your page or post.  Please note that you can only use one of the attributes at a time, they are all shown in the examples so that you know what the options are.  For instance you cannot insert [cf_list_categories style="grid | list"]  into your page or post.  You would need to enter [cf_list_categories style="grid"] or [cf_list_categories style="list"] .

Once you’ve saved all of your settings it’s time to see how it works!

Remember those 3 pages that were auto-created?

The Classifieds page that was created will automatically list all of your classifieds.  This page is dynamically generated so you don’t need to do anything to it.

Classifieds Page

The My Classifieds page will take the user to their list of Classified Ads and give them a link to add a new Classified:


My Classifieds No BPress

With BuddyPress enabled it becomes part of the User Profile like so:

My Classifieds with BPress

The Classifieds Checkout page is for exactly what it sounds like.  If you have a Free site users will be prompted to Login or Register, once they have done so they will see a Registration Success Message.  If you have the Payment Gateways enabled this is where they will select their purchase and checkout.

Classifieds Checkout

Add New, Tags, and Categories

You’ll see some other menu items you should already be familiar with.  Add New Classified, Classified Tags and Categories, all work the same as your accustomed, only geared directly for Classified posts.

Classifieds Editor

Classifieds Menu

This is where you will take care of any Pending Ads, if you have your General Settings to not allow Published Ads by users.

Manage Classifieds


You will also notice a handy Dashboard menu item.  This is a super handy location to manage your own classifieds from the Admin area.


And that’s it!  That’s all the basics!  If you want to click around and see some of the front end UI stuff just check out our CLASSIFIEDS DEMO site.


Wha?  Still here?  Well I’ve got a few more things to share provided that you are comfortable with Advanced Features:

  • You can make changes to the Classifieds post type by using the CustomPress menu that is installed with Classifieds.  For instance, you’ll see that the Ads on our Demo site are set to run for a duration of 10 years.  This is because we added the value in the ‘Duration’ Custom Field for the Classifieds post type.


*Please note: If you have previously activated the Directory Plugin on your site you will NOT see a Visitor role in your Capabilities Dropdown.  It will be labeled instead “Directory Member Not Paid”.

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