Completely transform your network or simply create a standalone page to buy and sell goods.


  • Fix: XSS vulnerability when saving classified


  • Fix: XSS vulnerability when saving classified

  • Improved: WP 4.7 Compatible
  • Fixed: Force to select a duration while creating classified
  • Fixed: Bug accident extend expire date
  • Fixed: Showing comment in update classified page
  • Fixed: Ping status in update classified page
  • Fixed: custom_fields_input shortcode breaking in page template
  • Fixed: Duration being added repetadly after each update
  • Fixed: Wrong classieif title in loop
  • Fixed: BuddyPress navigation slug issue
  • Fixed: Accidentaly extend expire date

  • Fix bug invalid credit amount
  • Update CustomPress to latest version
  • Fix classified not expires

  • Fix BuddyPress profile links redirection
  • Fix Single Classifieds template "posted by" loading gif/redir issue
  • Fix create_classifieds capability added to everyone. Checking role config
  • Hide classifieds menu in Buddpress profile when not having capability to create new classified

  • Fix author classifieds template showing all classifieds
  • Fix BuddyPress profile classifieds double redirection issue
  • Fix typo cf-no-imege -> cf-no-image in page templates
  • Fix wrong dimensions for default classifieds image

  • Fix contact button not showing in classified
  • Fix classifieds author page template not loading

  • Fix warning messages "implode(): Invalid arguments passed..."

Version 2.3.6
  • Fixed: unexpected EOF and inexistent variable using.
  • Changed: Merged CustomPress plugin

  • Added: incsub partner code in paypal gateway

  • Fixed: Removed Hard coded template part for loop-taxonomy and loop-author. Using custom_classifieds_template method.

  • Fixed: testing field before accessing it to avoid errors in the single-classifieds template.
  • Fixed: declaring global $wp_query used in the page-my-classifieds.php
  • Fixed: Undefined index: signin_url in options array. Testing before accessing it.
  • Fixed: WPEngine issue. Registration and login form urls not the same as WP uses.
  • Changed: custom_classifieds_template method to get template hierarchy (1-theme_dir/classifieds/, 2-plugin_dir/ui-front/general/)
  • Changed: Classifieds_Core and Classifieds_Core_BuddyPress using custom_classifieds_template instead of including template file directly
  • Fixed: including buddypress templates in templates hierarchy and testing for conditions where template comes with wordpress default page.php.

  • = - 2014-07-06 Arnold Bailey =
  • - Added category filter to the [cf_list_categories] shortcode.
  • - Added switch for counts on category and sub category displays.
  • - Added affiliates add-on to Affiliates plugin.

  • Fixed problem with captcha on wp-engine hosts

  • Isolated Network activate BuddyPress to the BP_ROOT_BLOG
  • Moved captcha image to a Transient instead of Session

  • Reissue for version number

  • Fixed finding virtual pages where content protecting plugins like membership hides them.

  • Changed Duration field to reset after updating expiration date. Also display expiration date now.
  • Changed Role dropdown to not display non-editable roles.
  • CC Sender checkbox saved wrong value.

  • BOM in file causing problems

  • Changed author links to only display BuddyPress author urls on BP_ROOT
  • Made contact email editable
  • Added setting to disable contact form
  • CustomPress

  • CustomPress
  • Added class="term-list" div around the subcategories in the grid display so it canbe made scrollable.

  • Fixed incorrect required message on Feature image on the backend;
  • Added "period" to price display for things like 4 Month => 4 Month period.

  • = Arnold Bailey =
  • * CustomPress

  • Fixed glitch where recurring only payment would hide purchase button.
  • Fixed saving of PayPal return URL
  • Stopped changing the user role on successfull purchase if the purchaser is "administrator"
  • Changes to checkbox custom field code.

  • Removed PHP 4 type constructors which now cause Warnings
  • Fixed Feeds for custom types so all are sent instead of just the first one.

Version 2.3.4
  • Fixed problem with required images switch.
  • Removed explicit author setting on saving post. Sometimes set the wrong author.
  • Changed signin to better handle Buddypress registration.

  • Changes cabability for Classifieds Settings to create_users from edit_users to better handle changes in WP 3x

  • CustomPress

  • = Arnold Bailey =
  • * Fixed author overwrite
  • * CustomPress

  • Fixed date formatting to allow localization
  • Author slug incorrect if has_archive and rewrite sluga changed in BuddyPress
  • CustomPress

  • Updated wpmu-assist.php mu Plugin
  • Spelling corrections for language file
  • Stripslashes fix
  • Blank empty fields on Checkout confirm

  • CustomPress

  • If credits are disabled then don't display credit oprice on duration field in My Classified renew.

  • Correct problem with simple feature image upload.
  • Added parameters to PayPal ordering for line item calculation on some PayPal servers.
  • Added Purchase Ad button on One time purchase.

Version 2.3.3
  • Changed login url calculation

  • Allow virtual pages to be moved to Trash
  • Fixed query loop count

  • Simple upload was acting as if it's always empty when required.
  • Changed Simple Upload css
  • Fixed duration and credit calculation in Buddypress version

  • Fixed required field notice on featured image.

  • Fixed typo on delete button

  • Fixed signup credits not being registered.
  • Hide delete button if user doesn't have delete rights

  • Fixed problem with First page pagination link
  • Fixed datapicker java script

  • Update to Custompress 1.3.2.. Fixes display problem with custom Multi select box

  • Reworked contact email to handle the captcha a little better.
  • Added "Simple" image upload mode choice. Default is the Simple mode. Settings > General > Media manager to enable full media manager.
  • Added CustomPress
  • Fixed version number

  • Added [ct_in] shortcode for individual input fields for better placement capability.
  • Added "not" attribute to [ct_filter] to invert the filter

Version 2.3.2
  • Version 1.3.1 of CustomPress
  • Fixed currency display.

  • Fixed some translation items.
  • Reset Virtual pages to 'virtual' if user edits them.

  • Fixed bread crumbs in Buddypress.

  • Hide the Credit functions if no valid payment method

  • Update to CustomPress
  • Fixed problem when sending credits to other users

  • Modified image manager to work with v3,5 and Buddypress

Version 2.3.1
  • Modified image manager to work with v3,5

  • Fixed some problems in the language file
  • Fixed some missing text domains.

  • Fixed old data (pre 2.3) conversion problem.
  • Fixed duplicate signup emails on BuddyPress.

  • Changed the class name for the pagination section to avoid clash with some sliders.
  • Hide the Add Listing link in BP profile screen if the user cannot create_listing.

  • Updated Custompress.
  • Fixed cf_list_catagories shortcode.
  • Fixes to translation files

  • Updated Custompress.

  • Fixed improper credit of signup credits.

  • Added default classifieds statuses if left blank.
  • Added 'classifieds_full_access' filter. If the filter returns true it gives the user the right to enter classifieds without further payment.

Version 2.3
  • New classifieds front end WYSIWYG entry screen.
  • Added control of the post status a member can save a classified as.
  • Expanded capabilites list
  • Added control of member roles for classifieds
  • Added Authorizenet support.
  • New checkout work flow. Users can register before purchasing.
  • Field regex validation and required fields.
  • Control post statuses so you can setup moderation
  • Weeks are now editable. You can add other options as long as they are number Weeks (8 Weeks).
  • CustomPress 1.3
  • Multisite support.
  • BuddyPress support fixes.
  • Plugin to automatically join member with the subsite they signup on in Multisite.
  • Member role and capabilities editor.
  • MU plugins to handle recurring payments on Multisite.
  • Added uninstall to remove directory custom types if plugin is deleted.
  • Added captcha to the contact form.
  • Category display in Dashboard.

  • = =
  • * Made sure one time only allows one time.
  • * Modified backend to force entry through the front end.
  • * Added Warnig about mixed Classifieds/Directory installs

  • Changed BuddyPress styling for pagination
  • Changed post type, taxonomy, and custom field creation so they can recreate themselves if deleted.
  • Classifieds core property custom_fields corrupted causing foreach error.

  • Fixed pagination problem in BuddyPress
  • CustomPress updated

  • New CustomPress updated

Version 2.2.2
  • New CustomPress updated
  • Fixed display of other taxonomy custom fields.

Version 2.2.1
  • = = 2012-04-30 Arnold Bailey
  • * changed script inclusion so the datepicker and validation can run on the front end for Directory and classifieds.

Version 2.2
  • Replaced Submodule with actual CustomPress for easier code maintenance
  • Changes default page tracking (classifieds, my-classifieds, checkout) to numeric triggers
  • Added send credits
  • Lots of Buddy press fixes

Version 2.1.6
  • Allowed author.php to be relocated to the theme directory
  • Fixed inability to edited Saved or Ended Ads on the Front End
  • Added new Pagination features with settings in 'General'
  • Got pagination working when the Classifieds page is set as the static front page
  • Added CSS for the pagination feature
  • Fixed disappearing custom fields when ads are Quick edited
  • Added Ads per page settings
  • Added top and bottom pagination position settings
  • Range setting for the number of page links on the pagination display

Version 2.1.5
  • Fixed problem compatibility with some BP components;
  • Fixed redirection problem on Classifieds page;
  • Removed selectbox when try delete Classified;

Version 2.1.4
  • Fixed problem compatibility with BBPress;
  • Fixed problem of redirection after updating values of the Post Type;
  • Added pagination for classifieds pages;
  • Ability to use WP-PageNavi plugin for pagination;
  • Added filter for replacement pagination (cf_pagination);

Version 2.1.3
  • Fixed conflict with values of the "Theme Options";
  • Fixed duplication of pages as "Classifieds" and "My Classifieds";

Version 2.1.2
  • Fixed problem with allows user edit other users classified posts;

Version 2.1.1
  • Fixed problem with loop of categories;

Version 2.1
  • Changed template for "Contact user" email;
  • Added feature for to make field of image as not required (general tab in settings);
  • Added feature for set default image for ads without any images (general tab in settings);

Version 2.0.9
  • Fixed Warning\Notice message;
  • Fixed display classifieds on 'My Classifieds' page (general);
  • Fixed "Purchase History";
  • Fixed some HTML\CSS
  • Added 'My Credits' page on front end;
  • Rewrited some logic of 'Annual' and 'One Times' payments;

Version 2.0.8
  • Fixed problem display of classifieds (under the influence of other plugins).
  • Added feature for create new ad with status as "draft" without any credits.

Version 2.0.7
  • fixed display menu credits for all user
  • fixed display page of edit classifieds
  • fixed problem with deduction credits when create new ad
  • some template changes of checkout page
  • fixed problem with adding credits of checkout (when we logged)
  • some text changes
  • fixed problem with deduction credits when create new/edit/renew ad for BP
  • fixed display count of available credits for BP

Version 2.0.6
  • fixed problem with permalink structure
  • fixed header error
  • fixed page of classified tags
  • fixed link on page of classified author

Version 2.0.5
  • Fixed problem of adding/editing "Post Types", "Taxonomies", "Custom Fields".

Version 2.0.4
  • Fixed problem with template of the categories page for not "classifieds" categories.

Version 2.0.3
  • Added feature to change title of pages as "Classifieds" and "My Classifieds".

Version 2.0.2
  • fixed problem of redirect when creating new Ad

Version 2.0.1
  • Add .pot file.
  • Fix bug with load_plugin_textdomain() not properly loading the .pot file.
  • Fix bug with BP admin bar drop-down ( .padder issue ).

Version 2
  • Classifieds v2.0.0

Version 1.1.1
  • Full WordPress, Multisite, and BuddyPress support.
Try Classifieds today!
  • Let users list and sell items
  • Set Ads to auto expire
  • Flexible credits system
  • Multiple currency options
  • Includes PayPal integration
  • Make money when users list products on your site
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  • "Great support, great plugins, always updated, what more could a WP developer ask for? Thanks WPMU DEV!"
    William Lee Wei Liang
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"Great support, great plugins, always updated, what more could a WP developer ask for? Thanks WPMU DEV!"

William Lee Wei Liang

Classifieds gives users a place to buy and sell goods on your WordPress site.

Transform your site with classifieds functionality or simply create a standalone page. Quickly and easily turn your site or network into the next Craigslist or OfferUp.

List thousands of easily searchable products.
List thousands of easily searchable products.

Make Money on Your Site

Users can create and manage ads, upload images, receive emails about their listings and purchase credits.

Classifieds is fully Multisite and BuddyPress compatible, meaning you can create a whole network of localized classifieds sites, similar to Craigslist.

You can also enable the credit system and charge users for placing ads on your site. Thanks to the plugin’s full PayPal integration, you set the prices and make money for each add posted on your site.

To Get Started:

Start by reading Installing plugins section in our comprehensive WordPress and WordPress Multisite Manual if you are new to WordPress.

Login to your admin panel for WordPress or Multisite and activate the plugin:

  • On regular WordPress installs – visit Plugins and Activate the plugin.
  • For WordPress Multisite installs – Activate it blog-by-blog (say if you wanted to make it a Pro Sites premium plugin), or visit Network Admin -> Plugins andNetwork Activate the plugin.

Once installed and activated, you will see 2 new menu items in your admin: Classifieds and CustomPress.

Classifieds Menu

Classifieds utilizes a custom post type built using CustomPress. Using CustomPress is not a requirement for using Classifieds. It just provides some extra features, allowing you to create custom fields for your listings and allowing you to customize the Classifieds custom post type.

Classifieds will automatically create 3 (three) pages upon install.

  • Classifieds
  • My Classifieds
  • Classifieds Checkout

Should you have any issues with this not being done or have the need to recreate these pages, you can completely Trash the pages, then deactivate and re-activate the plugin.  We will come back to these in a bit to see what they do.

Configure the Plugin

Let’s get the plugin setup!  We will go through the settings quickly, you will find them easy to manage.  The Classified > Settings menu contains a few tabs to keep the settings neatly organized.

Classifieds Tabs

Let’s get started with the General Settings.

General Settings

The General Settings tab contains a number of sub-sections, let’s go through them one-by-one.

Classified Member Role

Here is where you setup how your users use your Classifieds site.

Classifieds - General Settings - Member Role

1. Assign a Member Role
2. Optionally add new Roles
3. Remove added Roles

You can choose to assign a default User Role or create your own by selecting a Role from the Assign Member’s Role drop-down.

Simply enter the name of the role you wish to add in the Add Role Name box and click the Add a Role button.  You will see your entry displayed in the drop-down selector below and above.

Easily remove added Roles at any time by selecting it from the Custom Roles drop-down then clicking the Remove a Role button.

You can see in the screenshot, we’ve added a User Role called ‘Merchant‘, we will define this role in the Capabilities tab.

Classifieds Status Options

Classified listings have various statuses available to them and here you can select which you’d like to allow or disallow.

Classifieds - General Settings - Status Options

By ticking the “Published” option, users will see a “Publish” button when creating a listing. They can use that to automatically publish listings on your site, without needing admin approval.

Ticking the “Pending Review” option will allows users to have a “Pending Review” status which will display a “Pending” notice in the Classified listing in the admin area, so admins can easily see it needs reviewing.

Ticking the “Draft” option will allow users to save drafts that they can return to and publish later.

Form Fields

Through the Form Fields settings, you can configure how the plugin works with media elements.

Classifieds - General Settings - Form Fields

Tick the Image field option if you want images to be required. When posting, users will see an error message notifying them that they must provide an image.

Tick the Media Manager option if you want users to be able to access the Media Manager for image uploads.

Specify a default image, by URL, to be used in the Use default image field. Ads that don’t have images uploaded will automatically use this.

Display Options

Here you can configure various display elements, let’s go through them.

Classifieds - General Settings - Display Options

Enter a value for the Count of categories. This value will be used when displaying category lists.

Tick the Display count in parent categories option to have the plugin show the total number of ads in parent categories.

Enter a value for the Count of sub-categories.

Tick the Display count for sub-categories option to show the total number of ads in sub-categories.

If you’d rather not show categories that have no ads within them, simply tick the Empty sub-category option.


With lots of ads posted, it gets overwhelming having them all listed on one page. Classifieds uses pagination to provide easy navigation through all of them. Let’s take a look at the options we have available for that.

Classifieds - General Settings - Pagination Settings

Tick where you want Pagination elements to be display, you can tick one or both of the following options:

  • display at top of page.
  • display at bottom of page.

Enter a value for the Pagination Range, to limit the number of page links shown in the pagination display.

Note: the number of classifieds per page will be controlled by the Settings > Reading value for Blog posts per page.

Notification Settings

To facilitate communication between those posting ads and those wishing to respond, Classifieds provides a contact form for users to easily get in touch with those who have an ad listed.

Classifieds - General Settings - Notification Settings

Tick the Disable Contact Form option if you don’t wish to use the contact form features at all.

Tick the CC the Administrator option to automatically send an email to the Admin anytime the contact form is used.

Tick CC the Sender to send an email to the Sender as well. This will help to inform them that the message was sent.

Enter an Email Subject. You can use a number of macros within the subject, they’ll be dynamically filled with the appropriate values.

Enter your custom email content in the Email Content. You can use all the basic features available through the WordPress visual editor here. And similar to the subject, you can use a number of macros which will be dynamically filled with the appropriate values.

Be sure to click “Save Changes” before you move on!

Classifieds - General Settings - Save Changes


This is the tab where you will set the rules for who can do what with the Classifieds.  You can edit any role from ‘Administrator’ to your Custom Roles that you added on the previous page.  You can see the example using the ‘Merchant’ role we’ve created.

Classifieds Settings - Capabilities

1. Select a User Role
2. Tick the Capabilities for that User Role
3. Click to Save

Simply select a User Role from drop-down, then tick all the Capabilities you wish to apply to that Role.

The following Capabilities are available:

  • View classifieds.
  • View private classifieds.
  • Add classifieds.
  • Edit classifieds.
  • Edit published classifieds.
  • Edit private classifieds.
  • Delete classifieds
  • Delete published classifieds.
  • Delete private classifieds.
  • Edit others’ classifieds.
  • Delete others’ classifieds.
  • Upload files.

You must click the Save this Role’s Changes button after selecting capabilities for each role.

Payment Settings

Should you choose to decide to charge for the ability to create classifieds on your site you can set the Payment terms here.

You can choose from Recurring Payments, One Time Payments and Credit based options.  Simply select the check box next to the payment method you prefer, then fill in the remaining values.

For Credits, you do not need any other plugins or elements, just fill out the values and your users will purchase the credits via the Payment Gateway you choose on the next tab.

Payment Settings

You’ll also see a “Terms of Service” box filled with dummy text.  You should replace this with your own.

Payment Types

This tab is where you set your Payment Details to accept Payments.  If you want to have a Free Classifieds site then just click the Free Listings box and save the settings, then move on.  Nothing else for you here.  If you select “Free Listings” it will ignore any settings on the previous tab.

If you are choosing to charge, select the Gateway you want to use.  The settings box for the applicable Gateway will appear below.  You have the option in any of the paid Gateways to set Redirect URL’s on Success and upon Cancellation.

Note: You cannot offer both Free and Paid listings.

Payment Types


This tab lists various shortcodes you can use around your site.  Simply select a shortcode to use and insert it into your page or post.  Please note that you can only use one of the attributes at a time, they are all shown in the examples so that you know what the options are.

For instance you cannot insert [cf_list_categories style=”grid | list”]  into your page or post.  You would need to enter [cf_list_categories style="grid"] or [cf_list_categories style="list"] .

Once you’ve saved all of your settings it’s time to see how it works!

Remember those 3 pages that were auto-created?

The Classifieds page that was created will automatically list all of your classifieds.  This page is dynamically generated so you don’t need to do anything to it.

Classifieds Page

The My Classifieds page will take the user to their list of Classified Ads and give them a link to add a new Classified:

My Classifieds No BPress

With BuddyPress enabled it becomes part of the User Profile like so:

My Classifieds with BPress

The Classifieds Checkout page is for exactly what it sounds like.  If you have a Free site users will be prompted to Login or Register, once they have done so they will see a Registration Success Message.  If you have the Payment Gateways enabled this is where they will select their purchase and checkout.

Classifieds Checkout

Add New, Tags, and Categories

You’ll see some other menu items you should already be familiar with.  Add New Classified, Classified Tags and Categories, all work the same as your accustomed, only geared directly for Classified posts.

Classifieds Editor

Classifieds Menu

This is where you will take care of any Pending Ads, if you have your General Settings to not allow Published Ads by users.

Manage Classifieds


You will also notice a handy Dashboard menu item.  This is a super handy location to manage your own classifieds from the Admin area.

That’s it!

That’s all the basics!

Wha?  Still here?  Well I’ve got a few more things to share provided that you are comfortable with Advanced Features:

  • You can make changes to the Classifieds post type by using the CustomPress menu that is installed with Classifieds.  For instance, you’ll see that the Ads on our Demo site are set to run for a duration of 10 years.  This is because we added the value in the ‘Duration’ Custom Field for the Classifieds post type.

*Please note: If you have previously activated the Directory Plugin on your site you will NOT see a Visitor role in your Capabilities Dropdown.  It will be labeled instead “Directory Member Not Paid”.

If you have trouble with any aspect of configuration or usage or have a cool feature suggestion to make, please head on over to the community forums where support staff and other helpful members are waiting to lend a hand.

Classifieds Features

An incredible place to buy and sell.

  • Include images in ads
  • Front end interface
  • Ad expiration
  • Flexible PayPal credit system
  • Multiple currency options
  • PayPal sandbox test mode
  • Set credits received on signup
  • Credit gifting
  • Recent Custom Post Type integration
  • Special BuddyPress profile page integration